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Make your expectations clear and be organized. The best clinical instructor I have had so far gave us a list of things we should always be doing (from check armband and emergency equip, assessment... Read More

  1. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    Update: Last semester was my first time teaching! I loved it! I found my true passion in nursing. At the end of the semester the students had to complete an Instructor Evaluation - I was told that I had great evaluations and I was asked back for the upcoming semester! (I am PT Faculty -contract). I was also asked to instruct lab as well as clinical. I have taken on both and will start very soon. This is the best job ever! I look forward to work everyday. It is very rewarding and challenging at times, but I love the challenge. It just makes my day to see their faces light up when the light bulb finally goes off. I will continue to do this forever!!!

    I would love to hear how all the first timers semeters went...
  2. by   Vicky93
    I would also like a copy of your form. I have been teaching in the clinical area for several years, but still feel very inexperienced. Vicky93. Please send me a PM or use the e-mail in my profile page.
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  3. by   Ace1Rnelp
    Thank you so much for this great information. I am also a clinical instructor and started as one in January of 2006 (UT El Paso). At that time, there wasn't much of orientation for new faculty, I pretty much have to figure things out on my own, in order to float. I have learned so much since, although student evaluations is still sometimes a challenge.

    I would appreciate it greatly if you could give me a copy, not sure how. I have fax and email, however, not sure if it is appropriate to post emails and fax.

    What has been really helpful for me as a clinical instructor is to be extremely organized and conveying my expectations for all the students. During clinical orientation, I have a student packet that I provide to all my students. It has their clinical rotations for the whole 6 weeks, my ground rules, paperwork that needs to be submitted daily and weekly, and a lot more. I give them information on the latest JCAHO requirements, core measures, AIDET (patient communication tool), SBAR, etc. The students find the packet I proveide really helpful and keeps them organized too. I do not get a lot of phonecall from students. I tell them to check and look at the packet first, if the information they need is not in there, that is the only time they will call me.

    If anyone wants to check out my student packet, I am willing to share it with anybody. I share this too to all the new faculty, who works with me and they are thrilled for the help.

    Thank you so much. This is my very first post.

    Vicky, RN
  4. by   Ace1Rnelp
    Hi RN28MD,

    In my experience, if you have to teach or be a clinical instructor for ADN/BSN students, you have to have a master's degree in nursing. As a BSN, I know you can be a clinical instructor, but for LVN/LPN students, or another choice is to be a TA for a master's prepared RN in the clinical. If this is the case, you and the master's prepared instructor can have a maximum of 15 students in the clincal, which is a lot.

    Shull is right, always check your state board of nursing requirement. Thanks and hope this helps.
  5. by   Smn123
    Vicky, I am new to be a faculty instructor and am interested in your student packet. Please send it to me by my e-mail in profile or send me a PM (private message) if you would like my direct e-mail address. Thank you in advance for any resources you are willingly to share.
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  6. by   VickyRN
    I'm not offering any materials or packet. Sorry. It was Shull who was offering some materials. You can contact her by sending her a PM or use the e-mail in her profile.
    Not sure if she is still offering these, but it is worth a try. Best wishes to you.
  7. by   Smn123
    I am new to be a faculty instructor and am interested in your student packet and evaluation tool. Please send it to me by my e-mail in profile or send me a PM (private message) if you would like my direct e-mail address. Thank you in advance for any resources you are willingly to share.
  8. by   Ace1Rnelp
    Hi Smn123,

    I am the one volunteering the student packet I have. However, I am not sure how to send it to you. I know I will not be able to PM you, as I am very new to the site. In fact this is only my 4th post, if I am not mistaken. I am not sure how things work here at this point in time. I'm sure I will learn eventually. Maybe you could PM me instead.

    I am not sure either if I can attach a Word document. Please let me know if you can do something, so I can share the packet.

    Vicky S.
  9. by   Vicky93
    My posting to you was my 1st!!!!! I guess I need to make time to watch the video! Can you send a PM or use my email (my profile)? I am grateful for any resources. Vicky
  10. by   VickyRN

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    You can also attach a document by going to the "Attach Files" feature under the Submit button. Then go to "Manage Attachments." It's similar to an e-mail attachment feature.

    I have sent all three of you a private message (PM) with your private e-mail information.

    Take care,
  11. by   Smn123
    I am in the same boat as you, very new to this forum. Vicky has told me she gave you my private email address. It seems to be a lot easier to attach things. Please let me know if you are having any problems and I will try my best to assist you.

    Sheri N
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  12. by   Smn123
    Vicky. I was unaware of the rules of posting personal information. Thank you for assisting me in contacting Shull.
  13. by   Ace1Rnelp
    Hi Smn123,

    Thanks to VickyRN (Staff) for getting us connected. The student packet I promised will be forwarded to you today. I just have to make some adjustments because I have my last semester's students information (e.g., phone nos., email addresses) on some of the papers attached.

    Thanks and talk to you soon.

    Vicky S.