The research questions

  1. Hello!

    If you can help me with finding the right word in research:

    I am looking for the English word or concept about "The question or the approach to the question" when you are doing research. In Norway it is the "problemstilling", but i can't find the wright concept in English/American....

    Thank you!
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  3. by   semstr
    Must be "the research- problem"?
    (here we call it Problemstellung or Problemformulierung)
  4. by   Dr. Kate
    Research question is also appropriate. The approach to the problem would be the methodology.
  5. by   florry

    Thank you so much for your answers! There are small differereces in consepts wich is doing this so complicated for foreigners.. And I know my English is not that good...but I want to do something with it!