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My potential BSN program requires "nursing statistics" or students can take a statistics course offered by the sociology department. Is/was statistics a part of your curriculum? If so, is/was... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from abooker

    Is there a "Nursing as a second language" course out there somewhere?


    Very funny . . . . .

  2. by   canoehead
    I took statistics for my BSN and hated it. I passed it the second time, but took it a third time so I could get a grade I could live with. It brought me to tears regularly, even the third time around. I'm one of the ADN grads that swears to this day that the BSN is and was almost useless- could have gotten just as smart in 6 months rather than 3 years. BUT, I use what I learned in statistics every day, and wish I could have learned more. I highly recommend taking the class, even though I personally hated every minute of it.
  3. by   classicdame
    I loved statistics. It was required in BSN program so we could have some idea how to interpret research articles. Since more and more policies are based on evidence based practice we need to know how to interpret those studies. Otherwise, we are taking someone else's word as what is best for our practice. Depends on how protective you feel about your practice how you might feel about statistics.
  4. by   sweetbarbiedoll
    Hi, BSN and recently Diploma Nursing in India require Statistics. I am a Masters in Nursing and I currently teach Statistics for them. I find it good, especially because, it will help Nurses, use research in a better way and rationalize their findings in figures. People do like facts and figures!!!