Remediation ideas for poor HESI passing rates

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    My ADN nursing program is very new. We will graduate our first class in January. HESI exams count as part of the class grades, but a certain score is not required to progress in the program or even to pass the program (final HESI). We have recently had some less than satisfactory scores on our various HESI exams. Does anyone have any input on ideas for remediation for HESI? Any input is appreciated.
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  3. by   nursebrandie28
    My opinion... I do not think HESI should count for a grade in the actual program, however, I think at the end of the semesters and at the end of the program they should a class specific or comprehensive exam to allow them to advance. For example, if first semester if mental health and fundamentals, have the students do HESI at the end and they must make a certain score to advance and then at the end of the program they must take it until they pass with a certain score.

    Just my opinoin...we do this at the school I teach and it works out well because the class work will be over and they will have time to review and take a deep breath before taking it.

  4. by   dorimar
    The problem is, that we do the HESI tests all the way through, but the achievment of specific scores has not been a requirement to progress. It is the belief of some of our faculty that work directly with these students, that part of the problem is that the students do not consider HESI important. It was discussed that HESI should be part of the grade to make students value the importance of doing well on HESI. I am brand new, both to this college -and to academic teaching as well. I do not fully understand why, but the director is very leary about making specific HESI score achievements a requirement to progress/complete the program. I understand some of it. We are a small, private school (under a coglomerate)with no waiting list and actually recruiting students at this time. We are a costly program for students compared to other schools as well, and while the Nursing Program Director would like more stringent acceptance and progressing policies, I think the corportate administration pushes for much lower requirements. I did find out today that HESI is not just based on general ADN program objectives identified by the state board, but rather they make custom tests for individual colleges based off of the specific college's curriculum/syllabi. Given this information. I actually feel ok about making it part of the grade.
  5. by   classicdame
    Do the people who sell the HESI program have suggestions for remediation?
  6. by   *LadyJane*
    I am only a student, but I think using the HESI prep book as a study guide all through my program has been invaluable. I just made certain that I understood all the concepts in each area of the book that correlated with the area of study. I took the HESI this week and scored very high.
  7. by   insulatornurse

    I am a Certified Nurse Educator and PhD student who is working on my dissertation on remediation and the HESI exam. I would maximize the use of the personalized remediation program that Evolve Reach (c) has designed to go with your HESI exam. The remediation you receive will be based on your scores; therefore, you will be getting what you need to succeed.

    Here is the link for the demo:

    I hope this helps Best wishes.
  8. by   classicdame
    considering how much you had to pay for the use of the program, HESI ought to have remedial modules or other assistance available.
  9. by   insulatornurse
    I hear what your saying; however, I think that HESI is much cheaper than other programs I have used and I also think that if you didn't have the predictor, faculty would have to assess the students readiness and remediate the student. The cost of faculty doing remediation is far more expensive than the cost of the HESI predictor. The cost of not passing NCLEX is also very expensive to the graduate nurse because you would lose income.
  10. by   classicdame
    but surely HESI has some remediation assistance?

    In teaching the Kaplan NCLEX review courses I have learned that many people do not know how to dissect a test. Test-taking strategies may be as important, or nearly so, as content recall.

    I do not understand how someone can make good grades right up to the time they take HESI. Is that a teacher or learner problem? From the beginning the learner needs to understand the difference between high school and nursing school. In nursing school the instructor is an education facilitator, not a open-brain-pour-in-data person. I believe learners need to accept responsibility for their own education and instructors ought to GUIDE learning, and challenge all along so that the HESI is no surprise. I have had students tell me the HESI covered topics they never covered in class. Don't know if true or not.
  11. by   dorimar
    Yes, there is remediation available on the HESI Web site. Since I posted this question months ago, I have had HESI for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I dream HESI. While I may not agree with the concept of standardized tests not based off of my learning objectives (progressive HESI). I can honestly say that there can be no excuse for a student failing the Exit HESI if they remediated for every progressive HESI taken all the way through the program. While some nursing programs do not offer the progressive HESIs, mine requires them to progress. This has been a bone of contention for the students, but I honestly think they will be much better prepared to pass the Exit HESI and the NCLEX.

    Now, whether or not I think the Exit HESI and the NCLEX are appropriate measures of entry level nursing competency is a whole other ball of wax.
  12. by   PhD-2B
    Were you able to complete the PhD you mentioned you were working on? I too am a CNE and working on a PhD now. Wondering about how it went for you
  13. by   PhD-2B
    Hi insulatornurse -

    I am a CNE and in a PhD program too. Would luv to chat if you are still active on this site. My dissertation is related to remediation for low HESI scores.