Remedial Education for failed boards

  1. I do remedial education for nurses who have failed their state boards. Currently I am working with one who has failed them twice. She seems to have quite a weakness in pharmacology and I wondered if you educators may have any resources that you could recommend so that she doesn't fail her boards for a 3rd time! Have many of you seen an increase in staff that fail boards? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   purplemania
    I suspect that she has enough resources as far as pharmacology is concerned. Sounds like you need to determine her study habits, ability to read (is dyslexia a problem?), any evidence of short term memory deficits, learning style and other factors related to LEARNING, not your teaching. You can google for many of these topics. If she claims she has "always had trouble" with short term memorization vs. long term memory or anything related to seeing and thinking then she might need assessment by a professional healthcare provider. If she just wants a quick fix I hope she decides on another career besides nursing. Good luck
  4. by   mrsrd27
    Do you know of any remedial education offereings in the state of IL?
  5. by   Dorito
    Just google nursing review courses in IL. You should be able to find one- otherwise you could check with the State board or your nursing school.