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I have my BSN and would love to teach nursing someday. Can anyone recommend a good on line Masters program? Is there such thing as an on line PhD program?? Just curious, Layna... Read More

  1. by   lynswim
    St. Joseph's charges $735 per 3 hour class. I have 7 years to finish, and each class has a 6-month time limit. I also have to go to Maine for 2 weeks to do a residency requirement.
    Sorry it took so long to post but I was away at camp!
  2. by   renerian
    Layna the college was clayton college. They are accredited but not by traditional bodies for distance ed. The course work was HARD. I read 98 books for my combined program. Took a bazillion tests and did papers and such/some projects. I loved it. If you pay up front you get a good discount which is what I did.

    This is a MS program not MSN. I have to laugh though. For some reason people feel they need an MSN, no one ever asked me where I went to school or what my major is. They just see the MS and they are fine with it.


  3. by   JNJ
    You might want to check out the states in which you want to practice - also if you want to work in education.

    Some Boards of Registered Nursing e.g. California, can be very sticky about MS versus MSN. I know this to my cost - took me five years and dozens of letters/references etc. etc from my DON etc before CA would approve me as a full instructor. The BRN classified me as an Assistant Instructor for those years although I had years of full instructor experience, a degree in Education, and had published many times in educational journals. I even headed the Curriculum Committee in the school of nursing.

    When the BRN finally changed their minds about the appropriateness of my degree, I felt like sueing them for lost earnings over the previous five years - the school used my expertise and I had enjoyed the work, but the school paid me as an Assistant Instructor. This also meant I was not eligible to apply for the ADON (and thus, later, the DON position when it became open).

    This isn't a personal diatribe about the unfairness of life (!) as I found ways to do what I wanted to do, but I did want to really spell out the possible implications of not having that MSN.
  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
    canyon college has a master science in nursing education. Affordable, and a nice curriculum. I am planning to check it out this fall.
  5. by   lynswim
    If you are plannning to teach with your MSN, you probably need to get your degree from a college with either NLNAC or CCNE accreditation.