Nursing Students and Substance Abuse - page 2

The majority of these impaired nurses also had substance abuse problems as students. For some, their chemical dependency problems actually began in nursing school. Substance abuse among nursing... Read More

  1. by   Nurse__Mary
    the girl with the highest GPA in our nursing class was a stoner. There were times where i'd see her fighting just to stay awake. The entire class knew about her. I wonder were she is today and how things are for her. She was a very sweet person.
  2. by   apocatastasis
    Quote from *.:Hollie:.*
    My school is trying to address this by handing out penalty slips for a variety of reasons, including tardiness, late homework, skipping class, etc. The theory is that when someone's file starts accumulating a lot of these slips they may point to substance abuse and the student will be subject to further investigation. But it's gotten to the point where you get a slip every time you turn around! Even walking into class 10 or 15 seconds late can get you a slip. That is not a very good indicator of potential substance abuse problems. Common sense, people!
    That's ridiculous. I hardly ever went to class in nursing school, not because I was drinking, but because nursing school is overall a joke and an enormous waste of time. I started getting flack from the instructors and told them that to their faces. Wake me up when we get there. Jeez.
  3. by   OutlawNurse86
    I ain't never done any "illicit" type stuff, but nursing school did result in my caffeine/nicotine addiction. I also became hooked on those 5hr energy shots. One night, after 3 LARGE cups of very strong coffee, 3 cigarettes, and an energy shot (all in a 2 hr period), my chest started to feel funny and my BP came up to 140-150s systolic and my hands became very shaky.... I toned it down after that incident lol.

    Amazing what stupid things we'll do to stay awake.
  4. by   jasonakaremy
    i think that with any profession there is substance abuse. it is harder for some to play with candy in the candy store
  5. by   JLevinsRNHH
    I wish you the best of luck, I crashed and burned and crashed HARD!! Been five months in treatment with an additional visit with an addictions counselor along with two group meetings and a celebrate recovery meeting. Been clean for 6 months and continue to go that way. I never want to be that down in the hole again, it was hell climbing back out.