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  1. What is the best source to find a nursing faculty job for experienced educators? Thanks!
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    With the shortage the way it is, I would imagine you can go right to the source, meaning the schools themselves. I can't think of a school in my area that is fully staffed right now.

    Go to the local colleges websites, or just send out resumes. Or try the local nursing publications (not sure if I can name drop here )
  4. by   bookwormom
    For teaching jobs in general in a college or university (including nursing), The Chronicle of Higher Education is the best source. There is an online site, but you have to register. It is also probably available in academic libraries. It is interesting to read the kinds of positions available nationally.

    Among nursing journals (if you have access to paper copies), try the classifieds in Nurse Educator, AJN, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and in your state nursing newsletter or similar publication.

    I also think that if you find a school that fits you in terms of location, etc, that you could send them a "cold" resume (c.v.), and ask them to keep it on file. Sometimes openings come up unexpectedly.

    Good luck!
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  5. by   Riseupandnurse
    Thanks so much for the help!
  6. by   12-lead/12-hours
    Very helpful, thanks a lot !