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Welcome to the Nurse Educator Forum. It is my desire that you find this a warm, inviting place and will come here often for friendly, collegial discussions. Let me introduce myself: I have been an... Read More

  1. by   squeaky50
    Hi I am Colleen. I have a full time position in nursing education at a large state university in California. I teach med-surg theory, and research. I worked in critical care and also part-time as a clinical instructor in med-surg for 5 years while I finished school. Then I took a full-time teaching position in the school of nursing.

    I loved teaching students in clinical but I now head up the clinical simulation team that we are just beginning. I LOVE it!! But progress moves VERY slow where I work.

    I look forward to sharing and learning alot from others! I wish I knew about this from the beginning.
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  2. by   turtle21
    Hi, Iam a Med- Surg instructor in the BSN program- I'm beginning to work on my EdD. I was wondering how time consuming and stressful it will be????
  3. by   squeaky50
    Quote from turtle21
    Hi, Iam a Med- Surg instructor in the BSN program- I'm beginning to work on my EdD. I was wondering how time consuming and stressful it will be????
    Several of our faculty in our BSN program have gone back to school for their EdD or PhD. They claim it was tough to do while working although most of the programs in our area gear their curriculum to the working adult (i.e., classes on weekends once a month or so). I can't vouch for how difficult it is as I worked part-time in clinical while I completed my degree then I got the faculty position.
    It's worth it.
  4. by   lepew
    I know this was an old post, so have you completed your degree w/Walden? How did it go? did you like it? would you do it through them again? I am scheduled to start w/them Oct 29 and I am just curious.......lepew

    Quote from CRNAsoon
    I was just accepted to the Walden University MSN program for education and will be starting next week. If I can answer any questions for you, just let me know. Any other Walden students out there?
  5. by   mj244
    hello vicky ,
  6. by   kerikiwi2004

    I am not only new to this site but am new to the world of 'educators' and would appreciate any 'tips' and help anyone has to offer. I have recently attained the position of Clinical Nurse Educator at a small rural hospital I have been working at for a number of years. The majority of nursing staff on the med/surgical floor are not only new to the country but also new to the 'American' nursing culture.
    Does anyone have a simple 'tried and proven' handover/report sheet that I may look at that includes a quick 'head to toe'? I will be utilizing the SBAR for 'phoning of doctors' but would also appreciate any feedback/tools for 'thinking outside the box' - encouraging lateral/critical thinking. Help please.

  7. by   spydercadet
    Hey Vickie RN, This must be the year of the East Coast. My niece who is specialized speech path and I'm not clear exactly from where in Indianapolis. Either way, she is moving with her husband and one baby and a second on the way?

    When we looked at the maps we really aren't that far apart. So I will do my best to keep my numbers so people can reach you.
  8. by   chedly
    I'm Tunisian RN since 24 years, I graduated as nursing educator since 7 years, actually I work in "high nursing science institut"
    I wrked in Saudia Arabia and was there during the first gulf war, in Dahran, I give hand for American solders in Khobar Bombing.
    I love nursing, travelling and helping other without any discrimination.
    I like changing experiences with nurses all over the world , and especially American because in my country Tunisia we choose to adopt some new concepts ( nursing diagnosis, conceptual model in nursing, INCP....)
    I hope finding friends and collegue to cooperate with them and give us a hand.
  9. by   nursegirl1988
    Hi! I am a program coordinator for a practical nursing program. Love the job and the students. Have been dealing with lack of qualified nursing instructors. I am always looking for new and better ways to help the nurse transition into educator and would love any help anyone can offer. It is a brave new world......
  10. by   Smilyn47
    Hello all Nurse Educators. I am enrolled in a RN-BSN online program. My ultimate goal is to be a Nurse Educator in an Academic setting. I have 15 years experience in med/surg and 7 years experience in home health nursing for a total of 22 years. This week we are supposed to interview a nurse holding the position that we are aspiring to.
    Would any of you be willing to allow me to interview you? :spin:
  11. by   chedly
    Quote from VickyRN
    Welcome to the Nurse Educator Forum. It is my desire that you find this a warm, inviting place and will come here often for friendly, collegial discussions.

    Let me introduce myself: I have been an ADN nurse educator in a small community college in North Carolina for the past two years. My areas of specialty are medical-surgical, OBGYN and immediate newborn, and cardiac nursing. In addition to teaching, I conduct clinicals on general medical-surgical, PEDS, postpartum, and cardiac stepdown units. Along with being a full time nursing instructor, I am working on my Masters in Nursing Education. I am enrolled in a fully online curricula and have been very satisfied with this so far.
    I have learned much these past two years but, I have so much more to learn! I look forward to hearing from you.
    Hello Vicky and all nursing educator
    I 'm so happy to share experiences and opinion about nursing( education , practice and reaserch)
    In my country Tunisia, just last year we open our High institute for nurses, and we have alot to do to improve nursing in my country.
    We are lacking experience mainly in practicing.
    The Americain nurses models are teached in our nationa Institute, but its only theory. We hope that some where in your country , we find an organism that can give us a hand.
  12. by   lepew
    Hello fellow educators!
    I teach in a vocational nursing program for a small community college. I am currently enrolled at Walden university working on my MSN. I then will think about teaching in the ADN program.
    I have been teaching for almost 4 years now, and I LOVE it! Our school is year around-start end of Aug and grad early aug of the next year. I love taking new, scared people and helping them become nurses. Of course there are problems, anytime you deal with humans there will be problems.
    If you really want to teach-go for it! What have you got to lose?!
    In fall I teach Mental Health, Nursing concepts, essential of medication administration. In spring and summer I teach Med/Surg. we go to clinicals each semester also.

    I just can't imagine going back to hospital nursing-even though the money would be better!

  13. by   Nurse Beth
    Hi !

    My name is Beth, I am a Med-Surg Educator in a 200 bed hospital.
    We have a few Peds patients on our M/S unit and no Pediatric training in place for the Med Surg nurses who care for theses patients.

    Has anyonelse had this challenge?
    I am looking for an online or packaged program to
    help us get started-

    any help would be appreciated.