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HI guys I'm just starting as a new Staff development nurse. I need your wise advices. How to start ? I'm also looking for good web-pages about Staff development. Thanks......Salmi... Read More

  1. by   deannastaffdevelopme
    Quote from sburke
    I do not know if you have found this website yet, but there is a website for nursing educators. It is
    Hello, I wanted to utilize this site but it is not working...any insight??? :uhoh21:
  2. by   geobom
    Quote from deannastaffdevelopme
    Hello, I wanted to utilize this site but it is not working...any insight??? :uhoh21:
    I'm having the same problem. I joined the organization on June 10th, have been receiving info by mail about NNSDO, but I am unable to access their members only site. It states that there is a balance due, but I paid with a credit card which is valid and e-mailed them numerous times, and get a log-in name and number which does not work. I always forget to call them during business hours while I'm working because I'm so busy. Did you ever get the site to work?

  3. by   UPNorthNurse
    I am also a new Staff education nurse and am really becoming frustrated with how to get the staff to be more receptive to learning and more accountable for their mandatory competancies. How do you reach all the staff, all shifts, all over the hospital. It seems like such a waste of time to be running all over trying to get everyone, I am expected to be 100% compliant with my training. HELP!
  4. by   Kate RN
    I am not staff development. I have been on the Nurse Practice Board for the last 3 years- which is a new thing for our hospital and a very good thing for Nursing. I am a staff nurse and have no intentions of changing that.
    Do include yourself on any self governing nursing body that meets in your facility. Your role will be to help facilitate their work. Being there will help you to understand the goals of that group in the requests that are generated by their work. Rest assured they will have requests.
    I totally empathize with the post wanting to know how to reach all 3 shifts. When you figure that out please share. There is not a perfect time that we can find so poll the learners and do the best you can without burning yourself out.( do not come in at 0300 to teach as that will be the night of multiple CODEs.)
    Do put the dates of classes out as far ahead of time as you can so that the staff can schedule themselves and their daycare issues around the classes.
    Self learning packets go over well here, but not everything can be taught in the same formats.
    I will be watching to see what else comes out here. We will all benefit from wisdom shared and it makes Nursing in general stronger.
  5. by   jessycha7
    Well, not so new to Staff Development. I have worked in the field for approximately 3 years. Everyday is STILL a challenge. I work in LTC and they have me doing educational inservicing for the staff, Labs, I am a certified TB instructor so I have to hold a class and re-cert our nurses every 3 years, I am Director of the CNA training group, I hire new cnas/nurses, have a HUGE section in general orientation in regards to blood borne pathogens, infection control, I am in charge of the flu/pneumo program, I give TB shots to the entire facility and residents, you think I am joking...unfortunately I am not. I participate in Care Plans every Tuesday and I do end-of-the-month recaps. Anyone want my job?
  6. by   kmrmom42
    Usually I go to the OB section of this website because that is my specialty. However, I have been in Staff Development for the past 5 years so I decided to check this section out. At first I was surprised to see so few posts here...people ask questions and they only get one or two answers. But then I thought about it....Staff Educators have SO much on our plates that who the heck has the time for posting on discussion boards!!
    Reading through this thread I can see that my instincts are correct. How the heck do we all do what we do in the 40 hours we are paid to do it in?! LOL
    That said, I love being a clinical educator and wouldn't dream of changing.
  7. by   classicdame
    To all newbies: I recommend taking the NNSDO certification exam review course. ANCC may have one as well. They are expensive, but the CD's can be played over and over and you get a workbook full of great ideas. Your facility might help you pay for it. The ANCC also offers the Standards for Nurse Professional Development (staff development). These standards help you plan your work.
  8. by   odinhoub2422
    I was wondering if anyone could me details about what I need to do to get into staff development and what type of advanced education I need. Also did you have many years of clinical experience before you got the job?