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  1. Hey, I am seeking advice. Okay here is goes....

    This is my first year of teaching. I teach LPNs at an extension program 2 hours west of the main college. Our extension program is small (18 students) compared to 80 at the main campus. Well being a new instructor I was given no orientation or class/test materials. The books we get have been really good about sending resource materials. However, this spring (now) for a pharmacology class the main campus sent me Introduction to Pharmacology by Marilyn Edmunds. Well I spent all Christmas break getting materials ready and tests. Well, turns out, the program does not use this book they use handouts. Handouts made my a very seasoned instructor at the main campus. I called over to the main campus, and she will not send me any materials or tests for the handouts. Well, i found online an old edition of the book to give to the students and ordered them for the class. (30 bucks total)
    What should I do? Any advice?

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  3. by   puggymae
    I would contact the Division Chair/Dean and explain this situation. Ask in a very polite way since you were given no direction in this matter what they would like for you to do.

    Shame on any instructor who will not share course materials with a new instructor (or any instructor for that matter).
  4. by   cholli
    I agree with the previous poster, the general rule of thumb is- if the materials were developed while working for the college, they belong to the college (assuming paid prep hours etc) .

    ...and shouldn't we be role modeling team work for our students?

    In the meantime, use the course objectives and teach what is in the text. The students will get it, there are usually decent chapter review questions etc. Do you have a workbook or instructor guide for the text?
  5. by   CSLee3
    Nurse Brandi...I too teach LPNs at an extension campus. I also teach pharmacology. I have made my own powerpoints from scratch on each module from the text. We use Lippencotts 7th edition which is great for LPNs. If you still need some help, PM me and I will gladly share my slides.
  6. by   heartonly
    I believe the Edmunds pharmacology text is a Saunders/Mosby text. Call Rosemary Stendedback at 1-800-325-4177 ext 4184 at the Evolve/Saunders/Mosby and she can get you connected to the online resources for that text. Ask her if the TEACH resources are available for that text. It may require a book adoption to do so but their website has powerpoints and test bank and instructor guides that go along with the text. I don't use the Edmunds text but most of our textbooks for our PN program are Saunders/Mosby/Evolve.
    My first year, another instructor asked me if I liked the pharm book and I said no. She called our bookstore and had them return the pharm books for the following year and ordered new ones based upon a text I had briefly looked at yet she didn't do anything about an IV textbook that was written on a post-graduate level and knew it was not appropriate for our program. I learned that you should never change a book your first year.
    I agree with discussing it with your Division Chair as well.