Move to new facility: staff orientation

  1. We are building a new hospital and will be moving around September or so. I am working on facility wide staff orientation/education to the new building. What suggestions do others have who have done this kind of project. Right now I am looking at the obvious: safety issues, OSHA issues, new policies, department specific information (where is the shredder?) but if anyone has input I would sure appreciate hearing from the voice of experience!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Do you have plans or a general floor map. What was so beautiful about our place is it was absolutely symmetrical on each unit (to start with.) The rooms were numbered sequentially, the front of the bldg was private, the back semiprivate (to start with) over the years of course there were modifications made -eg enlarging the ORs, moving the Psych to it's own building. Same with peds. But to start out....have a "tour" either in person or powerpoint or whatever. Your rules and procedures could be a Lippencott Manual of Nursing that saves time. New committees needed to change each and every word in every procedure .

    Get with safety and security about fire and evac. rules. Make them across the board. Same with infection control. What's good for the goose is good for the other units too.

    WHen the move was made, they hired ambulances, city buses, and had the census way down. It took several hours but the staff was up and running in a matter of hours.