Med Math and Calculators - page 2

I am curious to know what your opinion is on whether or not students should be allowed to use calculators during their med math tests. My experience with students is that they are raised on... Read More

  1. by   carpediem913
    I'm currently in nursing school and we are allowed to bring a calculator to our exams although it has to be a basic calculator--no fancy stuff. For our last semester though we will have to pass the exam with 100% without using a calculator.

    I know that some people think you should be able to do the math with out the calculator but I personally don't think its necessary because regardless of how great you are at math I still think its important to check it with a calculator. Just to make sure that both you and the calculator came up with the same answer.
  2. by   kubivern
    I teach pharmacology and medical calculations, and I do allow my students to use basic function calculators for all exams.

    Yes, I do realize that there are some situations where calculators may not be available, but I believe that situation will be extremely rare. The NCLEX has a built in calculator, at least it did when I took it as a PN and RN, so I do not see a reason to exclude calculator usage for my students.

    It would be nice if my students could perform the math correctly without a calculator, but technology is here, and it is one battle I do not feel is worth fighting. I grew up on slide rules, and still have mine and can use it in a pinch, but I would rather my nurse use a calculator - I want the calculation exact!
  3. by   iteachob
    We highly encourage the use of a basic calculator. NCLEX has a drop down after all. We use the Dimensional Analysis method, and if you have ever used it, you know that you can end up with very large numbers to divide (particularly the longer equations)!

    Still.....they won't get the correct answer if they don't set their equation up, we don't feel it gives them an unfair or unrealistic advantage.