Looking for advice for an upcoming presentation

  1. Hello,
    This is my first time posting in this forum, because I am about to be screened for my first nursing instructor position ! Yikes!!!!!!!!

    My first interview went very well and the final 'screen test' is to be in front of much of the college's faculty and they will presumably grade my teaching skills when i make my presentation.

    This presentation is to be a topic of my choice , not necessarily nursing related..only i cant really think straight!

    What would a bunch of nurses with degrees a mile high want to hear about from a new instructor?

    Please tell me, that if you were among the audience for vetting out a new instructor what would you want to hear about? Please help me brainstorm this one!!

    Oh- and i will probably be teaching Medical Terminology, A&P, Pharmacology or Med-Surgical Nursing..ie I am comfortable teaching all that and will be asked to choose from among them once i get the green light after the presentation.

    Looking forward to some ideas and thanks in advance for all suggestions.
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  3. by   Whispera
    Pick a topic that you know inside-out, one that you can answer questions about, and give them time to answer questions. Include new information they might not know (newly released med/surg meds? any new discoveries in A/P? information about H1N1, tuberculosis, or MRSA/VRSA?). Give them a brief outline to follow and a brief bibliography of where you got your information. Try to have as few notes as possible and make eye contact with the audience. Ask them questions. Try to incorporate humor. Have something they can see as well as hear, and if possible, something they can DO as part of the presentation.