how do i become a diabetic educator????

  1. I am currently an ER nurse, but someday i would like to become involved as a diabetes nurse educator, how do i go about doing this? i currently have 2 years experience and my BSN.... help!!
    could you send me a private message
    thanks a bunch!
    my mother is a diabetic on the pump......diabetes has always been a thing for me..
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    Check with the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) I too am an ED nurse with an interest in diabetes education. I belong to AADE.
  4. by   sim
    HI guys,
    I am very much interested to become a Diabetic educator.Any helpful info is highly appreciated??
    thanks yall
  5. by   VickyRN
    Quote from sim
    hi guys,
    i am very much interested to become a diabetic educator.any helpful info is highly appreciated??
    thanks yall
    this information may be of benefit to you:

    to qualify for the examination, the following requirements must be met at the time of application and examination:

    1. discipline

    a. clinical psychologist, registered nurse, occupational therapist, optometrist, pharmacist, physical therapist, physician (m.d. or d.o.), or podiatrist holding a current, active, unrestricted license from the united states or its territories.


    b. dietitian holding active registration as a dietitian with the commission on dietetic registration or physician assistant holding active registration with the national commission on certification of physician assistants.


    c. diabetes educator with a minimum of a master's degree in social work or exercise physiology from a united states college or university accredited by a nationally recognized regional accrediting body.

    2. professional practice experience

    all professional practice experience is defined as employment for compensation as a diabetes educator in the united states or its territories within the past five years. employment for compensation means to hold a job in which one is actively engaged in diabetes self-management training and for which paid income is comparable to other diabetes educators in the same area or region of the country. only experience occurring after completing the discipline requirement can be counted toward the professional practice experience requirement.

    after meeting the discipline requirement and before applying for the examination, all (a through c) of the following requirements must be met:

    a. a minimum of two years (to the day) of professional practice experience in diabetes self-management training.


    b. a minimum of 1,000 hours of diabetes self-management training experience.


    c. current employment in a defined role as a diabetes educator a minimum of four hours per week, or its equivalent, at the time of application.
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    I do believe you ought to be certified, but I also believe you need REAL experience first. The trick is to get into the Education dept and learn the ropes. I went to nursing school to be a diabetic educator. After graduation I learned there are only a few (sometimes only one!) CDE in each hospital. Ten years later I had finished my MSN to teach when an Educator role at a hospital was available and Surprise! They needed someone to back up the CDE. So being prepared puts you in the path, but does not guarantee a position. I suggest talking to CDE's in your area. Good luck!
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    I am type 1 diabetic and I am gaduating this upcoming year and I am serioulsy considering becoming a juvenile diabetic eduacator any help?