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    I'm slowly creating a family educator role within our NICU. This position will cover the learning needs of the family as they start their NICU "journey", and discharge well as including sibling education and support and eventually a recommended (and free) CPR class. In addition, the role will naturally include much psychological support of the families and might eventually include supervising a support group of some sort for the families, as well as participating in conflict resolution when such a need arises. Does anyone work in a similar position or have a position like this at your hospital? I am curious about what is being offered elsewhere and would love to brainstorm with like minded nurses / nurse educators. I have only an associates RN but have 13 years experience and also have a BA and some graduate credits in psychology / counseling. Any feedback would be amazing....
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  3. by   HouTx
    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to develop a really meaningful position. I know that many hospitals have these types of positions. Perhaps you should check with the NICU forum.
  4. by   classicdame
    have no such animal at my facility but definitely see the potential! Why don't you team up with marketing and education to see how this person could be utilized outside the department? For instance, health fairs that benefit the companies whose insurance uses your facility for PPO, high schools, WIC office (ours has lots of trainers for family services), sibling class and so much more. Then your facility, and that nurse, would be the community "expert" in family education.