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  1. Many of us have begun the process of starting computeized documentation and medication administration systems. My hospital will go-live next month on documentation having completed barcoding last year. I'm wondering how everyone is dealing with the students who are at your hospital doing clinicals. Do you assign them their own user name and password to pass meds or document?

    For one, we have found it to be a maintenance nightmare since the students change each semester. Currently, we are only allowing the instructors logins for meds and we haven't decided what we are doing for documentation.

    I would appreciate your input since this is a new area for staff development.


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  3. by   classicdame
    Could you treat them like agency nurses who are there temporarily? Another option is to have IS create a code for them to use that restricts access.
  4. by   Flutemom
    Thanks for the reply. Currently, believe it or not, we have no travelers. IT already limits the students access. They basically have a nurse's aide access. What system do you have? You may e-mail me personally if you like.
  5. by   pattchez
    we went live with computerized documentation and e-MAR/BMV last year. Currently students cannot use the e-MAR/BMV as we do not have access for them. Our computerized documentation system will permit students to have basic access to things like ADLs, vital signs, and I&O. Our IT people are working on creating a broader access for students ....but that wont happen soon. We encourage the students to follow the nurse and see how she/he gives meds with this new system but, for now, that is really all they can do.
  6. by   suni
    what computer documentatin system are you all using?
  7. by   Flutemom
    Thanks, pattchez. IT has decided to give them access to chart, but not to meds. Their instructors have to co-sign all their charting. Our students give meds with their instructors. We're using the McKesson system.
  8. by   sscathlab
    We have Meditech. Currently our students are allowed to do everything. They are assigned as svn1, svn2 . we switch who is who every semester. We also have 2 different schools that come so it does get a little interesting. At first the students didnt document on EMAR (we went live in March); mainly so that we could get our own staff comfortable with the EMARS without the students asking questions. At the first of the semesters, the students get a class on Meditech from charting to EMARS.
  9. by   Flutemom
    Thanks for the information! We currently have 6-7 schools that come to our hospital, so you're right, it does get interesting.
  10. by   rrroyer
    We allow nurse to document and do BMV with EMAR. The instructor has to send in a form for each clinical student about 2 weeks prior to clinicals. We use the first day of clinicals teaching them documentation and BMV. The student nurse has the same access as a licensed nurse except their meds and documentation requires cosigning by instructor or nurse.