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    I have been studying for the CNE for the past month or so. I've read Billings & Halstead, did the online review through nurse Tim, read the NLN review book, and taken both SAE offered by the NLN with scores of 77% and 86%. I have also taken practice questions from several different resources. For those who have taken the SAE practice exams, would you say that your scores on those correlated with your performance on the actual exam? I feel like I'm all studied out, but I don't want to him the gun and test too soon and not be successful.

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I am following in your footsteps! It sounds like you are well on your way to success.
  4. by   ProfessorD
    I've read so many mixed reviews about the exam. So far the Billings and Halstead book seems to be the best resource.
  5. by   journey51#
    It sounds like you are doing all the right things to prepare for the exam. I continue to hear Billings & Halstead is the best source, along with the SAE offered by NLN. When do you test?
  6. by   ProfessorD
    I'm scheduled for 11/20 but I think I'm going to reschedule for a closer date. I don't know if I can study another month like this. Maybe another 2 weeks
  7. by   journey51#
    I am scheduled for 11/30 and I know what you mean :-) However, I am going to stick with my date and after making my own notes, I should be able to just review daily. I haven't taken the NLN SAE yet, but plan to, we'll see how it goes.
  8. by   ProfessorD
    Yes!! I'm also in school for my doctorate so maybe all of it together is just a lot lol
  9. by   journey51#
    Hi there,
    I'm unable to reply to your message since I haven't been on the site long enough. However, thank you. I hit the submit button yesterday before I read your response and have since been listening to the webinar by Billings. We'll see how it goes. I am also working on my doctorate from Capella. We have quite a bit in common right now :-) Also, did you know about the nurse educator who have posted information on quizlet? I believe I located his information on this site. It's tonie-metheny | Quizlet and there were comments from those who passed the CNE after studying his flashcards.
  10. by   journey51#
    I responded to your most recent post, but have to wait for Admin approval for it to show. I'm new here, so guess I'll have to wait for review of my last message to you. I am unable to respond in the personal message space since I'm new to the site. I sent you this link for studying if you weren't aware:

    tonie-metheny | Quizlet

    Some stated they passed after doing the online flashcards created by tmetheny.
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  11. by   ProfessorD
    Ok great! I was going to mention those as well. I've printed those to study too. They have been helpful with narrowing down key points
  12. by   journey51#
    Well, I feel confident that this method of studying will only bring success to us.
  13. by   ProfessorD
    I took and passed the CNE exam today!!
  14. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from ProfessorD
    I took and passed the CNE exam today!!