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  1. we are a small group(3) of skills laboratory instructors at a small private college. we would like to know if there are other instructors out there who would be willing to share information and ideas about how your laboratory is run, and develop a network of educators with a shared common interest. our students are mostly non-traditional, ESL, or second career adult learners, and we are dedicated in our mission to provide them with best hands-on instruction possible. Thankyou in advance.
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  3. by   essarge
    I'm not a nursing educator, but I know there are a few that frequent the general board. Try posting your question there also and see if you get any responses.
  4. by   doliveri
    I was hoping that I would find something about nursing skills lab. I am the manager for a skills lab in an ADN program in California. I have beeen in this position for 2 years now and I am enjoying it. But I am new at this and I would also like some ideas. Our skills course is a two semester one. We have a core lecture which is one hour and then we have 3 lab sections. Our first semester class is 40 students and we cover medication administration, assessment, NG tubes, subc, IM injections, foley catheterizations, IV calculation (gtts/min). Our semester is 15 weeks. The lab sections are 2 hours long. At the end of the practice lab the students give a return demonstration to the instructor, competency testing is done twice a semester and is done by lottery. A certain number of skills goes into the pot and the students pick randomly.
    I would definitely appreciate what everyone else does in this arena.
  5. by   zumalong
    I have been teaching LPN's for the last 7 years. I have taught in three different programs. I teach nursing skills in two sections NS1 is basic clinical skills--bed baths etc. NS II is advanced skills --caths, suctioning etc.

    In one program that i teach we have ESL and non traditional students--the labs are not very organized but each student has to pass a proficientcy test before being allowed to go to clinical.

    In my other program, I am much more flexible about the labs. Each student is required to spend classroom time where I teach concepts--then each student is shown how to do procedure--and must demonstrate to the satisfaction of an instructor. (we have 27 students this year--we use 3 instructors for lab with good results as far as having time to do each skill). Once the student has demonstrated in lab, then they can do skill in clinical area.

    I would be glad to discuss this in more detail. I love teaching nursing and am currently continuing my education so I can become a better educator. Feel free to email me at

    Cheryl Long
  6. by   Donny Bounds
    I would love to share information with other nurse educators. I am currently in grad school with an emphasis on nursing education. My assignment brought me to this list serv. Anyway, I teach at a local community college in an ADN program. I teach the CNA theory and clinicals, the LPN clinicals, and RN labs. I am also a clinical educator at a local hospital. Let's share!