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I would be interested in any ideas regarding clinical evaluation tools, how other instructors evaluate nursing students for their performance in a clinical setting?... Read More

  1. by   psalm51
    anecdotal - page.doc

    We use Curriculum objectives satisfactory / unsatisfactory format. i developed a rubric of behaviors that should be demonstrated based upon those objectives as my anecdotal. it is tedius but i like it b/c either the student does / or the student doesn't.
  2. by   neumann
    Has anyone ever had any legal issues with clinical student evaluations? What did you do about it? Where can I find information about this subject?
  3. by   impress0508
    Quote from VickyRN
    We use pass-fail performance criteria in the following areas: Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Professional Development. For your convenience, I have attached a modified version of our clinical evaluation tool.

    Vicky, this is great. We have a system where they are graded in clinical. Some of the tools that you have used, the nursing process etc can assist these students understand where they are deficient. Thanks for the tools. :typing
  4. by   JoMom4
    I recently read this article about grading and the legal considerations for nursing faculty. I thought it was very informative and eased my mind a bit.
    grade disputes considerations for nursing faculty.pdf
  5. by   Lendytaylor10
    I had a nursing instructor during CNA clinicals (she was a registered nurse who also taught the RN program) and she wanted to evaluate students based on, get this: "how she FELT about them". Rather than giving us concrete information about what we did wrong, she would just keep saying "but you SEEM this way", or "I get this VIBE from you". I do not want to be evaluated this way. I don't care what the instructor's personal opinion of me is, whether she likes me as a person, or what. I want her to evaluate based on what how correctly I perform my duties and how I care for the patient. Instead of using immature, touchy feely comments like "you SEEM (fill in the blank)".
    She also cut down students, made sarcastic comments and did "eyeball rolls" at certain people. I won't say what school this is, but I will say its in Texas.
    She also acted disgusted that the state examiner passed me on all my skills.

    So yes, I could really see legal disputes involving clinical evaluations, unless they are totally objective and there are witnesses present (more than one person, that is). A nursing instructor whining about how she doesn't like a student just comes across as an immature juvenile.