ANCC Certification in Nursing Professional Development

  1. I am completing my MSN/Ed in 11 days

    I have read, in the past, a little about the Nursing Professional Development Certification.
    My question here is: Has anyone become involved with the ANPD and received their certification? Has it helped you in finding employment?
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  3. by   llg
    I have been a member of the ANPD for many years and have been certified in NPD for several of those years. Note that it is not the ANPD that offers the certification, it is the ANCC -- but ANPD works with them on it.

    If you are in NPD, then it makes sense to join the national organization. They have a great conference each year in July, good journal, monthly webinars that offer CE's, etc. It's a good, solid organization that seeks to serve its members well.

    Becoming certified is about the only way NPD specialists have to document their expertise. Schools don't offer degrees focusing on NPD, so the certification is about the only official credential there is in that specialty. Would it help you get a job? Probably, but not necessarily. If you are competing against other qualified people for NPD jobs, having that certification might make the difference. But there are many employers who don't require it.
  4. by   HouTx
    Totally agree. Join ANPD and volunteer for committee work. It's a great opportunity to learn & network with highly qualified colleagues.