Advice: Faculty vs Unit Educator

  1. Just needing some advice and information on Unit Educator positions.

    Currently I am Faculty for a new program that is doing great. I have worked extremely hard to be successful at this job and so far I have done well. I finally am at a point where I enjoy the job and I am confident. It is flexible so the schedule works great with family. The cons are that it is about 1 hr away and THE SALARY. Also, it feels far removed from healthcare and I often miss working around patients.

    I received a call from a director at a wonderful hospital offering me a job as a unit educator. I used to work on the unit, I enjoyed it, leadership is good, and it's working for children (my passion). The pay is WAY more than what I make and it's 10 mins from my home.The cons: higher stress, leaving an established position I am fairly happy with, more hours at work (hourly position working 40 hrs).

    I am pretty familiar with educator roles but I'd like to hear more about your daily roles , challenges...etc. Are you happy? Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Is there a way to do both? Keep your toes in the academic pool on a part-time basis while taking the unit educator position? It sounds like the unit educator position is really calling you. I am a trauma educator, and I love it. It's a lot of work and I do a ton of other things besides education, but for now it's a half-step from the bedside, which is as far as I want to be.
  4. by   JaxJax5423
    Thanks for responding. Yes, I could pick up adjunct work while working as a full time educator. I guess I always feel guilty for leaving places, and I've definitely learned from past experiences that the grass isn't always greener.....
  5. by   llg
    I work full time for a hospital in their centralized professional development department -- and teach an occasional online class at a local college. I've done that for years. The hospital pay is much better and the extra income from adjuncting has been nice. Now that I am nearing retirement ... I am cutting back on my hospital hours and I can increase my adjunct teaching if and when I want to. Not a bad way to ease into retirement.
  6. by   nurse2033
    Before you leave the faculty job, what are the prospects of moving up into leadership or tenure? If good, it might be worth staying. But, I find clinical education more challenging and keeps you up on all the rapid changes going on. As a clinical educator you can always come back into the bedside if you wish. After too many years in academia that becomes less and less of a realistic option. Oh and the pay....!!
  7. by   JaxJax5423
    I only have an MSN, so tenure is not an option around here. You have to have a PHD for any tenure or university jobs other than adjunct. In my current job, I've been "promoted" to lead instructor, from assistant to associate professor and even into a coordinator role. I think my total raise was $1000 for the year :'(