Admission Interviews

  1. We are looking at changing the format of our admission interviews. Currently, we ask six VERY generic questions. Students also complete a college readiness screening tool- but I feel that nursing school is so different than a typical university major that this tool is not terribly helpful.

    If you do admit interviews- what types of questions do you ask? Do you have a scoring rubric you might share?

    I've done a brief lit search- and there's not much out there.
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  3. by   nurse2033
    My favorite question is; tell us an example of when you when above and beyond for a patient. If they are not working in health care this can be changed to "a stranger". This goes to character and integrity. Or, tell us about a conflict you have had recently with someone and how you resolved it. Who is your hero and why? Interviewing is not in my job description, but a rubric sounds like a great idea! I love rubrics...
  4. by   doctoral_candidate17
    I have helped participate in admission interviews as a nursing faculty member before. We had a rubric but I do not work for that university any longer and unfortunately do not have access. We had a question situated around their volunteer history (since that was a main focus of the mission of the school). We also had a question about what drew them towards the nursing profession (everyone has some interesting story to tell there). That was a nice question other than asking "Why do you want to be a nurse?" And we also had a question about what experiences did the person have that they felt prepared them for the upcoming experience of nursing school (ie – life, academic, work). Several other generics but these are really what helped us to get to know the candidate as best we could in the given interview time frame.