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Hello Everyone!

i am a newly qualified Irish Nurse. I recieved my official registration by post yesterday!

it takes 3years in ireland to recieve a diploma in nursing. which i have just recieved. i have chosen to do my degree part time in university. that will take 1 year. i am also working part time in a large acute hospital, in aan acute care of the elderly ward.

i am currently carrying out a literature review 4000words. my topic chosen is "dysphagia and the stroke patient" and ideas, inputs, comments would be greatfully appreciated!

many thanks!!:nurse:


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Hai I am from India I am Masters in Maternity Nursing I would like to work in Ireland I have cleared my IELTS exam I have my ireland registraion form with me My college of UG is closed How do i fillin the given form from college anyother alternative the board has suggested? If u can please help me with this. BABY.

clarelouise: I love your name. As for stroke patient and dysphasia, be mindful of the fear factor. The fear of choking overrides the fear of hunger. People will refrain from eating because they do not want to choke to death. This means there must be an attendant at EVERY meal or snack. They are afraid to swallow their own saliva. Something we take for granted. Other than the lifestyle restrictions, and inability to do self-care, I would focus on the methods to diagnose and treat as related to nursing.

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