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Nursing at community college

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Greetings everyone!

I plan to be a LVN through a community college. I am thinking of LBCC and Rio Hondo College in CA. I have my bachelors in dental science from India and my Masters in Healthcare Administration from Cal State Univ, Northridge. I am currently working full time with a medical insurance company. I want to enter the nursing field to advance in my career.

- given my background, how difficult will it be for me to get accepted to a community college?

- Does it boil down to getting good grades in pre-reqs?

- What else should i do to increase my chances for getting into a community college?

Thanks in advance!

Stressed out mom :)

Your GPA matters, your TEST SCORES matter, and if your school takes into account any VOLUNTEERING, that matters.

It really depends on your school. Currently I am in a "tiff" with my college as they had 60 seats available, and all this time stressed high GPA, high Teas, high Rubric score, and they smash those numbers together and rank the top 60. Top 12 get to pick where they want to do their clinicals and preferential class times etc. Well turns out they took the top 60 and threw them into a computer and just generated the ranking based off randomness. So instead of being top 10 with my GPA, TEAS, and Rubric score, I am now #42 and get the scraps left over. So yea, that is not going over too well right now.

Thank you so much!

That sucks! And I am gonna face the same too, turns out these two colleges do the same random sampling! Best of luck to me!