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Have a student who cannot complete her nursing program here in the US because her spouse is military and is being stationed in Germany next year. Does anybody know of a good resource overseas for her so she could at least get prerequisites done or even get her nursing liscense and then transfer it to the states when she gets back. I know they have colleges on the military bases, but I don't think they offer many nursing courses. Thanks!



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probably prereqs are her best bet online/check out some of the distance education forums here/let me know how else I can help you/



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I lived in Germany for three years on a military post. Most posts have The University of Maryland, classes you actually attend in person, or City College of Chicago, which offered distance education. At the time I was there, about two years ago, the selection of classes was pretty limited, but they may have expanded since then.

The best thing for her to do is simply stop by the education center when she gets there, or if she can find the phone number now through the post directory, call them ahead of time and try to get the ball rolling.

By the way, when I was there they were considering starting an LPN program, but it didn't happen due to limited facilities for clinical experience. They may have made some progress with that, but I doubt it.


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Here's the website for the European division of University of Maryland

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