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i was aressted when i was 17 for retail theft, got finger printer but no shots and again when i was 21 but this time when i was 21 i was fingerprinted, mug shot, and went to jail with courtday, but i did theft school got on probation and finally expunged it.I would like to see where I stand can i get a job as a RN? i know its up to the BON but what advices can you give me. Now my lawyer tells me that i can say no to the aresst and stuff on the app. but i am seeing say yes and explain my sic and telling it is expunged. Nursing is something I have found and liked and I dont want to stop presuing it, but if this would stop me I want to get out while i am ahead and what about DMS is that the same thing (if i cant get in as an RN would i be able to get in as a DMS) i heard there pay is a little smaller than a RN but i heard it was less stressful and u could be maybe on call due to less of sonograms but meaning better and more pay. Because i wanted to do DMS but i want to do RN more if i cant be an RN i would stop and try for DMS.

RN is to the BON wat is DMS to? and like i said above can i still get in with a criminal record(said above)

Have a background check done on yourself.

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