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Nursing career dilemma


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I tried posting this in the CNA forum but didn't get any responses so I decided to try here instead. I graduated from college with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice in 2009. I knew when I graduated I didn't want to teach or be a professor. I thought about law school but wasn't sure if that's what I wanted. I knew I wanted to help people no matter what. In Sociology we discuss all these problems in society, but I wanted to go into the community and start helping so that I knew I'd have a direct impact on someone's life. I applied to several government jobs. DFCS and the like but no response ( a lot of them prefer a social work degree). So I decided nursing! Took all the pre-reqs needed and just recently applied to nursing school. A year ago, I actually got a request to interview with the corrections facility near my house, but I turned it down because I was focused on nursing at that point. Fast foward a year later. I decided to be a CNA to gain experience and to see what it would be like in the healthcare industry...and I HATE it. I knew what I would have to be dealing with so I wasn't blind going into it, I just thought I could handle it...but I don't think I can. It isn't rewarding for me. I was talking to a nurse and she said "you have to really love what you do" and she said she felt like it has to be a calling. I don't feel that I have been called. I gag everytime I have to wipe someone (I know that sounds awful and like I said I knew I would have to be doing this, I just thought I could handle it), not to mention the other things that you see that are worse than poop. As a nurse, I know I will not always have an aid so I will be having to do these things plus more! I don't see this as something I can do for a while. Even if I wanted to work in a docs office or whatever, I would still probably need hospital experience and don't most nurses work in hospitals anyways? It's not like I can be super picky when I graduate if the economy is the same way as it is now. So with that being said I feel like I have been totally turned off to nursing which sucks b/c I have been working towards it for almost 3 yrs.

Anyways, I am thinking about trying to go into corrections. My great uncle knows a lot of people since he retired with the department of corrections and thinks he could get me a job (not guaranteed though cause of the economy). I called some hospitals to see if I could shadow a nurse but none of them have responded. I dunno. Do you think I should call it quits on the nursing thing and use my degree to find a steady job? Or do you think I should suck it up and see if its worth doing? I'm kinda at a crossroads right now so any info/feedback would be appreciated!

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Well.. I also believe that you have to have a "calling" to do the job, especially if you want to do it well. There is correctional nursing if you want to use you correctional justice degree, but you will have to suck it up and finish school.

I know I don't just speak for myself but none of us really enjoys wiping other peoples bottoms......it's just something you have to do and NOT always hand off to the CNA. There is unpleasantness in every profession, it just depends if the good out weigh the bad.

Nursing is not recession proof either right now and many new grad are graduating and having Avery difficult time finding employment. I do know that the jails/prisons are always looking for for nurses......I went for an interview once as the benefits were phenomenal......there's a good reason why they are phenomenal. It's not my cup of tea but I have a cousin who LOVES!!!! it.

Now that is the beauty of nursing....there are many areas to try to find your niche

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Yeah, when I said "I don't feel that way" it wasn't b/c I was disagreeing with her. I meant that I just haven't felt called into nursing even though I do feel called into helping people.

with a degree in sociology and criminal justice you could be a heckuva good sane nurse. or you might consider forensic nursing, which might use the criminal justice background more. both very cool and not much in the way of butts to wipe (although, as with any other profession, there may be butts to kiss).

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I know! I considered all those areas. My main goal was to work in L&D or be an OBGYN nurse and then later a nurse practitioner....but seriously, I get so grossed out. I can't help it. The thought of having to work tomorrow makes me cringe cause I know what I will be having to deal with. I work Sat/Sun 16 hours both days and I'm still new and not that good at body mechanics so my body aches like I have been run over by a herd of elephants! I have bruises all over. No one helps me turn or lift heavy patients b/c they are doing their own thing. And last weekend I didnt get my 30 until 8 hours later when everyone was asleep! I thought retail was hell. I wanna help people, but I have my limits!

girl i feel you! My family is mostly in medical field and my moms been pushing me to be a nurse! I thought I could do it but when I started doing my cna training I had second thoughts! And I know myself....I wont like the job... but my problem is I spent years doing the pre reqs already and trying to apply.... And Idk what I wana do anyways even if I wana quit the nursing path. When I was doing my cna clinicals I was praying I could get used to it but I just dont think its possible....like seriously. I hateeeee touching gross stuff! I cant stand anything that has to do with touching sick people (HIV +, scabies + patients). :no:

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yeah everyone has been pushing me too!....like "you'll always have a job" and the money so great which according to this forum isn't entirely true. If I'm not happy or at least content in the job that I'm in, then it isn't worth it to me. I just got an email from a potential employer saying he would contact me this week to set up an interview....It's relevant to my degree so I'm praying it works out and more importantly that I will like it!

In any case, I hope you find what you are looking for. I think of it as a matter of trial and error lol.

Exactly! Ugh! Well I hope it works out for both of us. I cant trial and error my future tho...:no: