What to Look for When Seeking your FIRST Job

  1. I'm scheduled to finish nursing school in June and I'm starting to arrange interviews for my first position. I know it's in MY best interest to take a position on a med/surg floor. My final med/surg rotation was on an ortho floor and I REALLY liked the nursing and support staff (I have found that you can often judge a floor by how nice their unit clerks are). Considering I spent eight weeks there, I feel confident that I would like working there. If I agree to work on this floor for two years, they will give me $2,000 under the guise of tuition reimbursement. I'm reluctant to accept the money because I may want to explore something different during the second year of my two-year committment. Should I interview for this floor and commit to them or should I interview on other floors at other facilities? Thanks!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Can you go on some other interviews prior to making the decision?
  4. by   BPPITT
    I could interview for numerous positions. The health system has multiple hospitals, etc. and 40,000 employees. I am in my fifth rotation (with two more to go) and I didn't like any of the other four rotations enough to work on any of those floors. A short tour and an interview with the unit director of an unfamiliar floor cannot compare to having spent eight weeks on a floor, right? I just wonder if I shouldn't take advantage of an opening on a floor that I like and commit to it. I'm not sure about taking the $2,000 and committing to that floor for two years. How do I explain declining the money without essentially saying I want to keep my options open after the first year and giving the impression that I may move on (just as I get into a groove)? Thanks!
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I graduate in May and I was thinking it was too early to apply for jobs. How soon should you apply???

  6. by   GoldenFire5
    $2,000 seems like an very small amount to me for a two year commitment. If you do take the job and leave before the 2 years is up, would they ask you to repay the $2,000? If so, you could just put it away in a savings account and not spend it so you have it available if you want to leave.
  7. by   BPPITT
    The health system paid for my education. So, that's why I owe them the two years. The $2,000 is icing on the cake. I'm afraid to accept a job too early because I don't know what my remaining rotations, peds/ob and psych, will be like. At the same time, based on my individual stregths and interests, I think a year on a med-surg floor is a good place to start.