what should I do?

  1. i'm not sure what to do. i'm a new grad who graduated in may. i didnt apply for a job before i graduated from nursing school because i wanted to concentrate on studying for the nclex. i applied to several hospitals, but i didnt get any phone calls for a job interview. so i got very frustrated and became inpatient and i applied to a local nursing home and they hired me on the spot and they also negotiated with me to pay me higher wage, which is alot more than the starting wage for new grad at the hospital. i worked at the nursing home as lpn and i feel very comfortable in this setting. now i'm getting phone calls from hospitals for job interviews. i want to work at the hospital but i already accepted a job offer and agreed to come to their orientation. so what should i do? what can i do? help!!!!!!!
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  3. by   deeDawntee
    I would definitely go the interview(s) at the hospital and see what they have for openings etc. Do you have a sense where you would rather work? It would be much better to go back on your agreement about working at the nursing home before they actually put any money into your orientation. (obviously) So, I would either just tell them straight out that you have possible other job opportunities or ask if you can postpone your orientation for a couple of weeks and not give them specifics. Good luck, I suspect that whatever happens you will make it work out!