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just wanted to know your comments. What strengths do you think you need to enter into the nursing field. What weaknesses would hold you back?;)... Read More

  1. by   VU RN BSN
    Quote from Mail4Tammy
    just wanted to know your comments. What strengths do you think you need to enter into the nursing field. What weaknesses would hold you back?
    Hmmm..... What makes a good nurse?

    Well, here's my opinion. Largely based upon the fact I am struggling with my nursing career.

    1. Being able to do everything quick quick quick fast fast fast

    2. Excelling at TIME MANAGEMENT

    3. Being great at multi-tasking

    4. Knowing how to prioritize

    5. Being super organized

    6. Feeling comfortable with delegation and knowing how to delegate fairly

    7. Knowing how to plan ahead. Being able to stay one step ahead of the game all the time.

    8. Being a positive thinker. Feeling happy.

    9. Being an optimistic extravert.

    10. Having self-confidence

    11. Having a healthy self-esteem

    12. Being intelligent. Book smart. Knowledgeable.

    13. Being able to teach and educate and explain everything clearly

    14. Skilled at working with your hands.

    15. Being able to have all charting & documentation finished by the end of your shift.

    16. Being able to always administer medications carefully and safely

    17. Remembering to constantly wash your hands

    18. Being clear-headed and capable during an emergency or crisis

    19. Being able to cope with and adapt to changing scenarios

    20. Being able to deal with death & dying

    21. Being able to be kind, caring, compassionate, gentle, patient and courteous, while at the same time you haven't eaten food for 12 hours, your bladder has been full for 10 hours, and your feet and your back hurt.

    There. If you excel at each one of these things, then in my opinion you are a Super Nurse. Your charge nurse and your nurse manager and your co-workers will love you, and your patients will appreciate you.
  2. by   leigh1996
    What do you think makes a caring nurse? Further, should nursing programs look for caring as a criterion for acceptance?
  3. by   butterflydancer
    I saw this and had to say I agree with most of this. Although I am not a nurse yet, I will be one day.

    How would the nursing programs be able to look for care in a person? People can care and be good at caring for a short term period. It is the days where you are tired and stressed (amongst other issues) that count; when you can put all those thoughts and emotions behind you and diligently care for another the way that they deserve and need. It annoys me when people just assume they can do nursing as if it were an easy job. I am not a nurse yet, but I can certainly tell you it is not a glam job and requires hard work and dedication.

    Enjoyed reading these thoughts!
  4. by   lissalou021802
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who replied to this message. I had a really ruff day last week at clinicals and began to question whether or not this was the right profession for me. however after reading these responses i realized that i have many of these traits. Sure my confidence and communication are not as good as the could be but i am hoping that comes with time. Thanks so much again.
  5. by   Junu
    hey you all!!!!!
    i definatley agree a nurse should be compassionated, and should be work with a heart. there was alot of verbal and physical abuse going on at my last workplace and i reported every single thing i saw and nothing changed. it brakes my heart for those residents. those people should not work in this field. i tried to stay there as long as possible because of those residents but they even started verbal abuse and physical abuse against me.i felt miserable. its sad that even the state does not do much about it. i think those who treat elderly sick or disabled people disrespectful will get it back someday.