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  1. Hello I am interested in working from home with insurance companies....is anyone out there currently doing this... or the triage calls? If so please email or reply back to me to tell me how you got started...or know of any companies...
    This one nurse told me her daughter in law worked for BCBS and she works from home 40 hrs/wk..full time benefits..and she does all her work on the computer they suppplied her with....

    My son is 13 months old and I am looking to work from home, but still keep my degree in nursing...and that is what this girl did....

    I would go back and talk to her..but she is no longer working here..and I do not know how to get in touch with her....
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  3. by   Nursonegreat
    i have a friend whos friend does this from home...i look but dont see any openings yet....my thoughts...as i have a 2 yr old...if u r on the phone/computer for 3 hrs str8 on a busy day how are u gonna watch/interact with your child? u cant tell a person on the phone to hold on cause u r changing a diaper/filling sippee/cleaning up spilled juice/kissing a booboo/playing with playdough/etc etc...and u cant tell the caller to hold on while u do all those things at all. does anyone work from home with kids under 4? how do u do it? just wondering cause there could be a position for me in the future doing home work also but i dont think it would be fair to do that to the child...and if u have more than 1 kid, whoa!
  4. by   OliviaRN
    Hey well I already work part time at home...I am a LNC...and when my son turned a year old he started a day school for 3 days a week for the morning hours... and then I work after he goes to be...he goes to bed at 7pm....but I would like to do more at home...and so I thought this would be a way to do that.....
  5. by   RNOB
    What is LNC ?
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Legal Nurse Consultant.
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    Another job with partial home base opportunities: WC case manager.

    Sometimes up to 2 days / week.
  8. by   Tenacious Me
    I'm currently working from home as a case manager. It definitely has it's perks - saving money on gas, childcare costs, lunch, incidentals etc. The drawbacks - work is always there with you, frequent interruptions from family/friends and cabin fever.

    There are some days that I'm in my pajamas all day if I get really busy. You have to be motivated, good with time management and comfortable with working independently.
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from Tenacious Me
    ... The drawbacks - work is always there with you... You have to be motivated, good with time management and comfortable with working independently.
    Did this for two years.

    My biggest gripes were the rates paid for travel (gas reimbursement) and traffic jams. Being salaried the time wasted sitting on a jam-packed highway was my loss... if it took two and half hours to get home, there was no additional compensation.

    Wouldn't go back to this line of work unless it was well remunerated, and case load and territory expanse was reasonable (45 to 60 minute travel times).