urgent advice regarding where to train UK or USA?

  1. I was wondering is somebody could offer some advice. My partner is american and my ultimate aim is to work as a nurse psychotherapist or advanced practice nurse in mental health in the USA. We are looking to move to america asap as my partners VISA in england runs out next year however I have yet to begin my nursing training. I am currenlty looking at two options. 1) staying in england to study - unfortunately as mental health nursing isnt recognised in america I will be required to take the adult route, I am concerned that 4 years (3 training and 1 year experince) in adult may be demoralising when my heart is in mental health, i am also concerned about the amount of time apart from my partner who may have to move to america for work. I am also concnered regarding the transference of qualifications, particulalry as the UK course I am looking into no longer provides placcements in mental health or paediatrics as part of the common foundation year, this would mean I would be required to take extra classes. The second option would be to begin training in america, I could even take a masters combined with registration as I already hold a degree..but the big problem with this is money!! Not only the fees for the course but living expenses etc.

    And so the question is...with my ultimate aim being to work wihtin mental health is taking the adult route although a slight deviant more common sense as course fees are paid for I receive financial aid, I can work in the UK if I need extra money and once a registered nurse I can work within psychiatric settings in america? OR if my ultimate aim is to work in america and within mental health should i explore loans etc and see if I can fund training there?

    I hope you can help I truly am at one of those strange crossroads your reach every so often in your life!!
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  3. by   ukstudent
    You keep saying partner in your post. The immigration service does not recognize partners only spouses. If you are married, then you need to start the process of getting a green card as a spouse of an American. This can take time. If your aim is to work in America with your spouse then it would be better to train here. You need to talk to an immigration lawyer about the long and complicated rules of getting to America legally.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    only you can decide but if you know you are looking at the US and decide to train in the UK I am sure with arrangements with uni they can make sure you get enough hours in all specialties, after all they do get international students and will need to meet their country requirements. If you go to the US then fees will be high and no guarantee you can work with student visa, if you get work permit it does have limits especially first 12 months and have to show proof of funds up front. If you train in the UK you are still looking at over 2 years before you move to the US and work (that is going through the process with no retrogression, that may take longer). If partner opposite sex you could look at marriage and may find fees in the US a bit cheaper but if same sex then have to consider student visa or training in the UK and then follow once you complete your training.