Unsure of what to do.

  1. I'm currently working on my pre-reqs for Nursing. I'm hoping to get in in early 2011, which means I'd graduate in 2013. Anyways. I wasn't sure if I should post this here, as it's concerning the job market as well as nursing school, but I figured I'd try.

    My mother said something today that I wasn't too sure about - she told me I'd probably have to work a job I hated until I could get one I liked. I want to go into NICU - from what I've read, some hire new grads and some don't. I've also heard a lot of people say that they are glad they went in as a new grad because it's easier to learn things that way.

    It's kind of shaken me up, partially because I'm a shy person in itself and am kinda scared about starting my pre-reqs and everything. Nursing school is a huge step for me, because I am so young, and I'm scared. Her saying that I'd have to work something I hated after going to school for so long kinda worried me. So I know this is in the future, but when I do graduate, should I stick it out for a NICU job, or should I take something I hate?

    Opinions, please? I'm really not sure what to do. Also, if this thread needed to go somewhere else, please tell me. ^^
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  3. by   Jean1313
    Nursing school is really a major commitment. It is one of the hardest things that I ever did. But it is very rewarding. If you feel called to be a nurse than go for it!

    One of the things that helped me in nursing school was to take it ONE step at a time. I would focus first on getting through the pre-reqs. Then focus on each rotation of school. It doesn't hurt to have a goal in mind, but you are going to need the focus for your classes.

    Regarding what job you can get after graduation is going to depend on many things: Does the NICU you are applying to already have too many new grads? (units try to balance out the people with experience and the people without it), The economy (are there a lot of experienced NICU RNs trying for the same job because they can't retire yet d/t money issues), and then the basics: Are they even hiring? Do they think that you'll be a good fit?

    I'm not trying to overwhelm you, but I wish someone had told me these things. I had wanted to do Labor and Delivery, and found out: They prefer people with experience, don't have openings a lot, and at this hospital tend to promote from within.

    I did find interesting jobs in my almost 2 years, but it helps to keep an open mind.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Nurse4life09
    I think just with most professions, you have to pay your dues first. For example, an aspiring accounting student might have aspirations to be a CFO for Microsoft, but first has to work (several years) as an underdog until he can get that way. So, I think if your ultimate goal is to work in the NICU I would definitely continue with nursing school, accept the fact that you may need to work a year or two in medsurg, and then its much easier to transfer to another floor within the hospital. Have you been in a NICU? What is it about the NICU that you like? Perhaps you could do Peds ICU or something to help you branch your way in...Good Luck!!