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Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a thread for the upcoming program in August 2013. Good luck to everyone!! :)... Read More

  1. by   Sophia432
    Thanks bblue. Since you seem to have already had your interview, did they tell you when you will hear back from them?
  2. by   bblue
    Sophia432, they said 2-3 weeks from the interview. They also said the program would start 8/19.
  3. by   Sophia432
    Good luck bblue! I have one more question. Should I be studying reconstitution problems? Thanks
  4. by   julesdel
    Hi everyone, I just got out of my 2nd interview. I was really nervous and felt I didn't do as well as the 1st one. Did anyone get an offer yet? And if so, how long did it take after your 2nd interview?
  5. by   ADEcstatic
    I had my 2nd interview today, too! I felt pretty good although I did mess up on one question, I think. I honestly don't know how I did. I thought I totally bombed the first interview and I got a call the following day for the 2nd interview so it's a toss up! lol I hope I did well enough to get an offer. Some of the managers I interviewed with seemed to like me.

    I asked them when we should hear back by and they said by the end of next week. I think they're conducting more 1st interviews tomorrow and 2nd interviews early next week. Keeping my fingers crossed! Who did you interview with, @julesdel? Medical-surgical?
  6. by   julesdel
    @ADEcstatic Good for you. I interviewed on the 2North floor with oncology and med surg people. I put oncology as my #1 and then med surg as #2. Crossing my fingers for a congratulations phone call next week. Who did you interview with? When I spoke to xxxxxx on Wednesday she said they would accept 20-25 people; however, do you know how many people are interviewing? Good luck!!!
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  7. by   ADEcstatic
    I don't know how many people they're interviewing, but I know they had more first interviews today. I interviewed with all med surg people on the 2N CR, too. It was pretty much the only unit I wanted. BTW, have you taken your NCLEX yet? If not, when are you planning to take it?

    Good luck, @julesdel!
  8. by   julesdel
    No, I am taking it on the 24th. I hope that does not hinder my chances. Have you?
  9. by   ADEcstatic
    I haven't. I'm supposed to take it on Monday but I am definitely not ready and would really prefer to postpone it. Unfortunately, the earliest date I could reschedule it for within a 40mi radius is the 29th! Torrance HR lady strongly recommended taking it earlier than that. Gah!
  10. by   traumaRUs
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  11. by   Sophia432
    Hi all,
    I had my panel interview today and left feeling not so great about it. I was just a bit caught off guard by some of the questions and felt I didn't explain myself clearly. Oh well....I guess there isn't much I can do about it now but wait. Does anybody know when we should start hearing back?
  12. by   julesdel
    Sorry about that.
  13. by   bblue
    a friend was offered a position today.