to be a nurse or not....

  1. hi -

    I recently decided to become a nurse and I've been feeling really good about my decision. I've worked with other people my entire life and I know I'd feel really good by helping others and taking care of people. I know I'd make a pretty good nurse.

    So here's my thing...I have a phobia of puke. It can get pretty bad. I don't drink too much alcohol for fear of getting too drunk and throwing up; I tend to not try new foods for fear of how my stomach will handle it, things like that. And it's not even like I have a weak stomach either; I'm just scared of throwing up. The thought alone gives me anxiety.

    Well, I've had tons of people tell me that they too had phobias upon becoming nurses. I've heard of phobias of blood, for example. And everyone tells me it's something you get used to and eventually get over. So I continued with my process of becoming a nurse and I might be starting an LPN program in the fall, provided I'm accepted.

    Well my three year old is sick to her stomach today!!! She's been sick before and of course I wish I could die, but I clean up after her and I make sure she's ok. All the while washing my hands obsesively so I dont catch whatever's making her sick...I just feel like if looking after my own daughter when she's throwing up makes me anxious to the point where I want to cry and not deal with, how am I going to look after complete strangers when they're sick to their stomach??? I can deal with anything else with no problem, you name it, it won't gross me out. Except for puke! And I've come to find that my real problem is that I just dont want to catch anything so that I dont have to throw up long as I'm in the clear I'm ok about it.

    Anyway, sorry for the crazy long thread. I just really need some imput before I embark on something I wont be able to handle....does anyone have a horror story of something they dreaded?? Or maybe some words of wisdom?? I really want to be a nurse, and I want to do it to the best of my ability. Maybe it's not for me; but I really hope it is!!

    Thanks so much for any advise!!
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  3. by   mustlovepoodles
    I had to smile when I read this. I have always had this "thing" about throwing up. I am literally afraid of vomiting, any kind of vomiting. Kids, pets, pregnant moms, drunks, it doesn't matter. I am especially afraid of vomiting myself.

    I first discovered this phobia in nursing school. A patient post hip replacement barfed in her emesis basin and I immediately threw up in her bath basin. Nothing pretty about puke floating around in bath water.:icon_roll

    My next job was working in L&D. What was I thinking? This was back in the bad ol' days of scopalomine and demeral, with a little Seconal for good measure. those women were puking their guts up all night long. It didn't take long for me to get a reputation; I always had a little pan for them and a big pan for me.

    You can just imagine how much fun pregnancy was for me. I didn't get over puke until after I had my second baby, the Princess of Puke. Even though I've clean up a ton of it, and helped parents with erping children, I still dread throwing up.
  4. by   AshiPanda
    I've caught bugs and colds and temps and I have stomach aches and blah blah blah, but rarely does it get bad enough that I have to throw up. Do you throw up a lot when you're sick or something?

    I don't have too much experience yet as a nurse, but so far nobody has thrown up! Hehehe. I wouldn't let this one thing stop you from what you know you will enjoy and be good at. There are some things I gross me out, but when you're in the nurse mode, you're able to put it all aside and do what you can for them. As a nurse, I have no problems with whatever might gross me out outside of being a nurse :P.

    I say go for it...
  5. by   FireStarterRN
    Puke is something that you can get used to. You will adapt. You may have to hide your disgust, and you may get dry heaves a few times, but you'll eventually get over it.
  6. by   prisicruz
    Quote from AshiPanda
    I've caught bugs and colds and temps and I have stomach aches and blah blah blah, but rarely does it get bad enough that I have to throw up. Do you throw up a lot when you're sick or something?
    It's not because I get sick and throw up often, it's actually because I so rarely get sick to the point where I throw up. I've gotten a stomach bug twice that I can remember and both times weren't bad at all. And I've been pregnant so of course I've had to deal with morning sickness and such, but it wasn't that bad. I just dont really know exactly why I have this constant fear that my daughter might get sick or that someone around me might hurl and I'll be around to see scares me to death!!!

    I'm gonna go ahead with becoming a nurse because I dont want to ever think "what if...". But I know deep down that it's something I'll struggle with for a while after becoming a nurse. it makes me sad ad it makes me laugh at myself at the same time...I'm such a huge dork but I cant help it!!!
  7. by   showbizrn
    i personally and professionally
    don't see or feel
    that your phobia of "puke"
    should stop you from pursuing
    a nursing career.
    we do more
    than clean-up puke

    on the other hand
    you might run into
    some old battle ax
    (not me :d)
    who might insist
    you pursue another profession
    but alas...

    it takes
    all types
    to get the ball and wheels
    in the nursing profession.
    on that note,
    much success to you!
  8. by   ceekitty
    i just saw another thread on this but it makes me feel better to know i'm not alone... i'm a total puk-a-phobic myself. i also have only had 2 stomach bugs in my whole life (last one was like 15 years ago) so i know its silly but i totally fear seeing others puke. i can't hear or see it or i freak out! just push on through - we'll make it hopefully!