THR Nurse Residency October 2018

  1. The THR nurse residency applications opened today, so I wanted to start a thread so we can chat about it here.

    Good luck to everyone applying!
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  3. by   shaeka51
    Hello! I applied today! Good luck everyone!!!
  4. by   brainfuse101
    I applied as well!
  5. by   Dhominick
    When the positions went up Monday, there were 34. Today, there's only 15. If you're thinking about applying, I would hurry. You can apply to as many tracks as you want.
  6. by   StudentNurse21874
    Has anyone gotten any follow up emails from THR?
  7. by   Dhominick
    I got an email for a screening and preference form and to ask if I hadn't submitted my essays, unofficial transcript, and resume, to do so with the screening form, but that's all I've heard.
  8. by   shaeka51
    I haven't gotten anything yet
  9. by   Dhominick
    My friend said they move pretty slow. I'm sure a ton of people applied. I applied to like 16 tracks, so maybe one of my tracks was earlier than the others.
  10. by   Dhominick
    I received a "not selected for interview" for the ED position at THR Fort Worth, so it looks like they aren't wasting any time sorting through candidates.
  11. by   StudentNurse21874
    Wow. That's crazy, but I guess it's good that they're actually already reviewing everything. Mine all still just say considering.
  12. by   jmartinez12
    I have an ICU interview waiting to be scheduled! And neuro ICU looks to be progressing too 😊
  13. by   Dhominick
    Are anyone else's applications moving forward? I've had 3 say no, 5 interviews to be scheduled, and 1 in review. The rest still say considering.
  14. by   StudentNurse21874
    What did you all apply to? And which have started rejecting? My ICU for the Southwest location says interview to be scheduled. My neuro ICU for Ft Worth and ICU for Arlington say in review process and my CCU app for Arlington says forwarded to hiring manager. My ICU apps for Dallas and Plano still say considering.