Switching from hospital nights to clinic days?

  1. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm obsessing about this and hope articulating it will help -- any feedback appreciated!

    I've been a nurse for just over 2 yrs, all of that on an inpatient hem/onc unit. Currently I work 2 12-hr nights back-to-back per week. Having those 4 days off (I don't count .5 of the day before and the day after my two nights on because I'm sleeping), is pretty sweet. My job itself is very stressful most of the time, in large part due to what I will diplomatically call "unsupportive" management, understaffing, high turnover, etc. I also feel more and more that acute care nursing is not my gig -- I really want to encounter pts earlier in their cancer journey. Also, I love oncology and about 20-30% of our pts at any given time are actually general med-surg overflow (including a significant number of ETOH or acetaminophen overdoses -- really? on an *oncology* unit?) -- again, not my gig, generally speaking. I *also* think that shift work is inherently unhealthy, at least for long periods.

    So, I've started applying for other jobs. I got a call today for an interview for a oncology clinical trials nursing job, and was kinda giddy about it for a few hours -- I've always wanted to work in clinical research, I've participated in many trials as a patient, and it just seems like it would fit with my personality and interests. Here's the thing: it's M-F 8:30-5. Like a *normal* job. The commute would be an hour+/- depending on if I drove or took the bus -- about the same as my current job (except I don't have the option of the bus currently).

    Should I sacrifice my sweet schedule/painful job for a sweet job/painful schedule? I'm 40, have a partner and a 7 yr-old that I really like to spend time with. My partner works from home and could pick up the childcare/household slack, but it would be a drag.

    I know no one can tell me what to do, and of course I may not even be offered this job -- but others I've applied for are also FT days. Anybody made a switch like this? How was it? Any advice or thoughts?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Jessicalynn
    You are in the same situation as I! I have been a nurse for a year now, working 12 hours night shifts--which are different days each week. I have a very hard time adjusting and sleeping even though I am only 25. I am starting my MSN-FNP this August and have considered dayshift; however, in the hospital that I work in: I love the night shift atmosphere, but not the nights themselves! I feel that though I have days off...I am so out of whack to do anything almost. I have applied to a clinic position about 30 minutes from my house. It'd be M-F as well. I am going back and forth. It would be so much better on my health and I know that I would be much happier. I also realize that this would be the line of work and schedule that I would have anyway as an FNP. I really enjoy teaching and documentation. The plus side to the day shift is being home every night...and off every weekend. What do you think after reading my situation? Hope it may bring some light to yours. Let me know.
  4. by   OCRN3
    Been there done that..... Hate 9-5, no flexibility..... Id keep the 12s until you can't do it it physically....what Other Job offers 4 days off a week?

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