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  1. Hi all!
    Todays class topic was how to fill out our state board nursing application for licensing. Normally i would have been super excited, and i still am super excited however im also very very nervous. I got through the application easily...until i hit that one question...have you ever been terminated from a health care facility. I shamefully selected yes, knowing i have to write a letter...and possibly have a meeting with the board. Im just wondering if anyone has had personal experience with this...i was fired 2 years ago right when i started nursing school as a tech. And before you jump to conclusions let me tell you no it wasnt a HIPPA violation, no i didnt abuse any patients, and no it wasnt for being abusive to staff. I talked to my dean about this and she says it will be fine, ill gey to test but ill more than likely have to go before the board....i guess im needing to hear any information anyone may have about this or any personal experiences. I already have a nurse job lined up and have busted my butt through school. Id hate to see 1 mistake ruin my career.
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  3. by   dishes
    Before writing a letter to the BON, it might be a good idea to seek advice from a lawyer who is familiar with nursing licensing issues, you can find one through the American association of nurse attorneys.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Yeah, I have never heard of someone having to go before the BON just for getting fired. There are very specific things they worry about. If you have done one of those things, then you need a lawyer on your side. Best of luck.
  5. by   Bpayn005
    My dean is actually the one who told me id more than likely have to go before them but i dont know if she was just simply trying to prepare me for worst case scenario. Im still eligible for rehire at the facility i was terminated from and theyve never given mr a bad reference.
  6. by   beekee
    Are you sure you weren't laid off? Just because your employer let you go, doesn't mean you were fired. I'd double check with a lawyer. Or maybe even ask your former employer if they would consider changing your official status to laid off (it can't hurt to try!).
  7. by   Bpayn005
    I was terminated, i signed a termination paper :/