Suggestions for long-distance job search

  1. Hello folks -
    Hope you have some suggestions for me. Due to the economy my husband lost his job and I found him another one, 3000 miles away from where we live. So he moved and now I'm looking to relocate myself. However, I've never performed a long-distance job hunt for myself, only for him! Any tips on what to include or not include in a cover letter as to why I would leave my current position for one 3,000 miles away? Would it be ok to add that I'm looking to relocate to join my spouse? The area has some openings, but I'm just a little stuck on the appropriate verbage.

    Thanks for the help.
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  3. by   HouTx
    I think it's always helpful to make sure that the prospective employer knows exactly when you will be moving, but they don't need to know anything about your personal situation. Since the vast majority of nurses are female, spouse relocation is a very common reason for moving. Make sure that you really communicate your experienc & expertise - that's what everyone is looking for.

    I am very glad your SO was able to find a new job - Best of Luck to you!!!