State Boards- Which state?

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    Newbie here currently in LPN school...A friend of mine who is an RN recently told me that taking my boards in NY will hold more weight than taking the boards in NJ.

    So...Is this true that a license from one state can be better than another? I know I can eventually work in both NY and NJ, but does it matter where my license is from?

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but your firend has given you the wrong information. NCLEX is actually a national exam used for licensure in all 50 states, as well as some US Territories. So that puts to rest whether on e license is better than another. They are each equal and give you permission to work in that state.

    In order to be able to work in NY and New Jersey, as well as any of the other states, you will need to have a license from each of those states. After you go thru the initial licensing process and get your first license, you will need to endorse to the other state for licensure.

    You may have heard of a compact license, but NY is not a member, so that you would still need two licenses if you were to work in NY as well as NJ.