starting school the 31st stressed about leaving my kids

  1. i start school the 31st,, i am so excited ,, i just know i will be happy if i become a L&D nurse,, there is nothing in this world more precious than bringing in a new life,, my only concern~~ other than math of course~~ is leaving my 4 kids,,i have never even left them w/ a babysitter, i ran an inhome daycare so i could raise my own kids but i have a 17 mth old and a 4 yr old that will be going to the daycare on campus w/ me,,i am so stressed about leaving them that i cry every time i think about it, does it get easier?? i know w/ the daycare babies i have had ,, they cry and cry untill their mom is out of site but then they stop and go play, i just don't know how i am going to be able to handle that,, not to mention i still breastfeed my youngest , so i worry about how he is going to deal w/ me being gone all day. my older kids will be in school so i don't have to worry about them , how do you deal w/ putting your kids in daycare for the first time???? i just called in an order for xanax but i cannot be taking that during the day because it puts me to sleep ~sigh~ i am sure i wil have to take one the night before thou,,
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    I ran an inhome daycare for a few yrs now I am getting ready to start school in march for my pre req's to become a nurse


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    Congratulations on starting school! :hatparty: I am a stay at home mom in my first year of co-reqs, and I too have to leave my children with a babysitter. I have a 19 month old, 5 yr & 8 yr. It doesn't bother me to leave the older one's but sometimes it's hard to leave baby. It get's easier. We are in a routine and that helps so much. In fact sometimes the baby will put on her shoes and coat and say "Sandy's.. wanna go bye bye" (babysitter) .
    Can you go visit the day care with your children a few times to get them comfortable with their new surroundings? Maybe send a family photo along, to relieve any anxiety that your kids may have the first few times. They probably will adjust fine, especially if they have a sibling with them. I think once you know your kids are comfortable, you will relax.

    Good luck and enjoy school
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    Congratulations on going to school. I agree with the above reply.

    I can understand your concerns. I have two kids, (6 years and 14 months) and I have stayed at home since the birth of my first child. I started back to school this January and for the first time have left my kids with a day care. The oldest is easier as she is in kindergarten. I have had a really hard time leaving them. My youngest used to cry every time I left her, but now three months later she knows and is comfortable with her babysitter and doesn't cry anymore (which is a little hard for me as I felt like she needed me when she cried). However, I feel like she wants to be there now and it is actually good for me as I get a break. Being home straight for six years is tough and getting back out in the real world has been good for me. I know my kids have been fine and my oldest looks forward to going to the babysitter the one day I have a late class. I actually think it has been a good thing for the kids as well as for me.

    Ultimately, I think it is a big adjustment, but one that can be done. Just remember your kids love you and nothing will change that. The best reward is when you go to pick them up and they come running to you!
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    I understand right where you are coming from. I have been with my daughter this whole time and any classes have been mainly online. Now that I will be starting a RN program, I have to leave!

    I have to admit though, I think that it is much, much worse on us moms then it is for the children. Children are such confindent, secure and stable people and they adjust well. Even though it is scary for you now, once you are actually doing the routine, it will be better.

    As for the children you have seen cry and cry then they were fine...that is common with a lot of children. They want to see how their parents react. If you don't make a huge deal out of it in front of them, then they won't think it is a big deal either. But if what you are doing (in this case, leaving) is upsetting to you then it will probably upset and distress them.

    We all worry about our children and that is what makes us great moms! I had to leave my daughter a few times while I was breastfeeding so I just pumped and used the Avent bottles. (They were the only ones she would use...they work really well in place of you being there)

    Stay strong! Keep us posted!
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    i have been down to the daycare a few times now,, my nerves are just about shot now over leaving them but i know they will be ok, once they get into the routine, its just the putting them in that routine that is worrying me~ stressing~ me out! i have been trying to wean my youngest but he still wants breastmilk during the day , i am sure if he gets thirsty he will drink regular milk and they will be on campus with me so i will leave strict instructions to call me if he doesn't calm down,
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    prepare them and yourself for the big change now by talking about how exciting it is and how they will get to play with other kids etc... i so far have been lucky and my hubby has a flexible schedule so he can watch our daughter in the afternoons and evenings for my classes. (she is 3 and never been in daycare either) I know when i start the nursing program this will change because it wil be all day but i have 2 really good options. my school has a early childhood developement center on site with teachers and a nurse in the building and i can visit if i need to, also i have a good friend who runs a small licensed daycare really close to my house and a lot of my other friends send their kids their so i know she would be comfortable with her friends, (and i know the place is clean and well run because its my friend!) Try to come up with a backup plan in case of illnesses etc.. and if possible try to schedule classes at the most convenient times for you, it will be tough and they may get a little upset with you for not being their 24/7 as you were before, but kids are resilient and will definitely grow from the new experience.
    ohg and one more thing if you are not now, please PLEASE get you and your whole family on a good multivitamin because you all WILL get sick from the exposure to the other kids. load up on the vitmamin C because kids are contagious little rascals!
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    Good luck and congratulations on starting nursing school. You've already acommplished more than a lot of people - simply by being willing to get out there and go for it!

    I am both a fairly recent graduate (spring 2002), ADN program and a new student myself - MSN program, so I know where you are coming from.
    I think you will all do great - merely from the fact that you found this website and posted. (not everyone would do anything extra that they didn't have to!) But since you came here - to talk to nurses, other students and learn more about nursing - that shows that you have an edge.. (that may sound silly but ask your classmates - many of them operate on the least effort necessary principle.)

    Anyway - I tend to ramble.. GOOD LUCK!!
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    Quote from luvallbabies
    , how do you deal w/ putting your kids in daycare for the first time???? i just called in an order for xanax but i cannot be taking that during the day because it puts me to sleep ~sigh~ i am sure i wil have to take one the night before thou,,

    Shame on your provider for giving you xanax because you don't think you are capable of working though this without a sedative.

    Shame on both of you for considering this drug when you are breastfeeding. It is pregnancy category D and contraindicated with breast feeding as well.
    Xanax has a high potential of abuse and addiction, sometimes within a few days.

    How will you survive the stress of nursing school?