Start out with LPN school then straight to LPN-BSN, or start out at ADN school?

  1. I have another thread posted, but my thread title is worded wrong and could be misread, so I am posting it again trying to reword it better. Cost is a factor for me. My ultimate goal is a BSN.
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  3. by   cajjj
    Ok, let me try this again. I am trying to get into nursing school, with my long term goal of getting my BSN, possibly a MSN in the future. I was once a nursing major straight of out high school in a BSN program and I foolishly dropped the program. Now here I am years later really aspiring to go for it and become a nurse. However, because of circumstances I can't just go for an Accelerated BSN because of mainly tuition costs. I had been planning on trying to get into an RN ADN program about 60 miles away, but lately I have really been thinking of trying to apply to a LPN program that is 30 miles away, and then go straight onto doing an online LPN-BSN program. The time factor will take a little longer, but I thought the online aspect being a single mother might help things. Any current nurses have opinions or advice about my tentative plan of action?
  4. by   Jules A
    I'm glad I got my LPN first and as long as you are certain that your BON accepts the online LPN to BSN (I'm a bit paranoid) then I'd say that sounds like a great plan to me. Best of luck. Jules
  5. by   cajjj
    Hi Jules, I hate to have to ask this, but what does BON stand for?
  6. by   traumaRUs
    BON - board of nursing