someone please give me some advice

  1. i am a current lpn student in alabama.This is my first semester and i want to go back home to new york but i really don't know if i should i mean afterall i mean the only reason i came down here was because school was not as expensive but it just seems like it hapened so fast i mean it only took a week for me to decide that i needed to come finish school but now i just feel like i need to go back home to my fiancee and finish school up there.Truthfully he 's not the problem he is actually very supportive but it breaks my heart to think that i just up and left without any prior warning ! I know that nobody will be able to tell me exactly what to do but i just need to hear something positive ! After school i plan on going back to n.y if i don't go back sooner! Do you think that it makes sense to have come down here if i am going back? what i mean is am i making the process of getting my license more diffcult being that if i finish school out here am i going to have to redo the process of applying for it in n.y.c?
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Only you can say whether or not your relationship can endure the separation of school. I hate to do the dorky thing and suggest that at 22, it's not a horrible thing to make sure your relationship is a strong one before you get married, and this is one way to do it. (Hubby and I dated long distance for 2 years before getting married at 22.) I can tell you that the rigors of nursing school, which came *after* we got married, were much more taxing on the relationship than the long distance thing was.

    Looks like you already got your answer on another thread about reciprocity of your license. Good luck on your decision.
  4. by   vervain
    I'm in NYC and just attended the NSNA convention in Utah a few weeks ago. I attended an NCLEX review and the woman speaking was explaining that the NCLEX is nation wide - you don't have to take it again. Can you not take the Alabama boards and take the NY boards instead - i think that you can.

    As far as advice on the fiance.... I have to say that - I moved to NYC to be with my partner (we had a ld relationship for 3 years prior) and to start nursing school. Nursing school is definately more stressful than an LD relationship in my opinion. I also am of the mind set that if you can do a ld realtionship at 22- you will be all the better off for it. Just keep the drama to a minimum, because school is dramatic enough, right?
    good luck!