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    I was wondering if anybody can answer this. Do I need to have or show physical proof of my awards and accomplishments when I state them in my résumé? Specifically for things like making it on the dean's list or perfect attendance award or silver honor award? The reason why I ask is because sometime around my college years, I moved out of my parents and have moved like a couple of times. Long story short, most of those above mentioned accomplishments and awards I pretty much lost them either by water damage or it just got lost in my junk while moving a lot... I have tried contacting the schools and asking if they can produce the same documents for me. Unfortunately, they all had the same reply for; that it was my responsibility to protect them and that they don't keep copies of them. They issue it once and that's it and that if anything I can just show my transcripts :-/ i know that i should have been more careful with them and i know its my fault. i have been blaming and hating myself for being so careless. but honestly, i was going through so much at that time that it was the last thing on my mind! And I even thought who wants those things anyway?! i didn't even know if i was going to continue in pursuing my education. Anyway, i really want to include them in my résumé. i am really proud and appreciate them now that i am trying to make my resume. Which brings me to my dilemma do I need to have physical proof of them if I list them in my résumé? The only thing I have managed to keep is a photograph of one of my deans list letter any advice would really help. TIA
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  3. by   PurplejadeRN
    I don't think you need to worry about it. I have never been asked to show proof of being on the deans list. If anything if they look at your transcripts they will see your gpa and this will give validation to your resume.
  4. by   HouTx
    Have you considered setting up and maintaining an online portfolio? It's something I would certainly do if I was just starting out. You can use it to maintain an ongoing record of everything... not just formal training, but also other important/noteworthy professional accomplishments. You can even use it as a repository for presentations, papers, etc. that you create. I only know of one that is available right now & I think that HealthStream recently acquired the company but you can still purchase an individual subscription for ~$60 per year. Here's the web site. Get Your Portfolio | Decision Critical Competency Tools for Healthcare - Full Disclosure: I have no financial or other connection to this vendor.

    After you set it up, you just send a link to prospective employers. As I understand it, you can customize several different 'portfolios' depending upon what information you want to convey.
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  5. by   elkpark
    I've never been asked for proof of any of the awards, affiliations, presentations, etc., I have listed on my CV.
  6. by   armyinfantrywife
    Thank u guys appreciate all the help and input! ^_^ will definitely look into uploading my stuff in that website.