Should I stay in nursing or change to teaching?

  1. Here's my situation, I have been in school for 4 years and was supposed to graduate in May 2012 but I didn't because I failed my last semester of my ADN program by 1 point and now, my schools nursing program is closing so I cannot finish my nursing education there which is only a 4 hour class! No other school takes my schools nursing credits for transfer either, I have checked. My options are to get my LPN and then do a bridge program which is another 15 months of school for my RN or I can change my major and be a teacher which is what I was considering before nursing school. I had a passion for nursing before I started school and all the way through my first year but now with all the problems that I have dealt with my school, it has really left me with a sour taste for nursing and I'm not sure if it's the school that has left me bitter or if I continue in nursing, if I can get that passion back. I do love helping people and I absolutely love the rush and the teamwork involved in saving someone's life but I also love kids and teaching and the look of pride in a kids face when they have achieved something new. Along with teaching, I love the hours and days of work. I know they work a lot more hours than most people think but I don't mind grading papers after school hours and attending all the school functions and parent teacher conferences......I do some of those things already with my own kids and if I work at a hospital, I can't do all those things with my kids because 12 hour shifts are not very kind to people with kids. It seems that there are a lot of pro's and con's with both professions and I am feeling very conflicted as to whether I should stay in nursing or change my major to teaching elementary school. Also, I am 28 years old, I have kids and am married. It will take me another 3 years to get a teaching degree. I am going to take my PN nclex to be able to go to work and I have been noticing that there aren't very many jobs out there for LPN's anymore. I guess what I'm looking for here is just some input on both professions and maybe some advice as to what I should do......stay in nursing or change to teaching? Thanks in advance
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    Your post has been moved to the Nursing Career Advice forum for more responses. Good luck to you!
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    I hate that for you Well 15 months is shorter than 3 years...And don't let your former school's problems put you in a funk about something you really wanted to do. Maybe you can do both and be a nurse working in a county office educating clients and their children about nutrition and health. I'd make a pros and cons list about your educational options & also about your career choice and where you see yourself taking it. You HAVE to choose the one that you feel in your gut because you have got to do what you love and what you truly feel like you should be doing. I really hope you find resolution soon! Take care!
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    I'm not sure if its too late to comment about your situation, but it might be possible to petition your college instructor/professor for extra credit. If you failed by one point, usually in situations like that, its possible to work something out, such as writing a research paper on a topic that you and the instructor may agree on or something of that nature. I know that when I took my Anatomy and Physiology class at university, our instructor had some of his fourth year biology students hand out surveys that they assembled to aid them in their research for their thesis papers. For those of us that stayed after class and filled out the 20 minute survey, we got an extra 1 percent added on our final grade for the course.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, exhaust all of your options, go to the dean, meet with a commitee of professors, whatever you have to do to get that diploma. Surely there must be someone in authority that can understand your frustration, background, financial committment and family circumstance that can cut you the smallest amount of slack.

    The way I look at it, if you pass the RN exam, you qualify to be an RN. The college probably obviously understands that having the diploma allows you to write the RN exam. Not letting you finish your education after completing the diploma requirements, is in no way going to prove that you do or don't have what it takes to become a nurse. The RN exam will take care of that. Its no skin off the schools ass whether they issue you the diploma or not. They got your tuition money, and now are shutting down the program.

    Fight for it! See what else you can do! Thats my two cents.
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    Hi, I am a Teacher going into Nursing. I would say follow your heart. Do the one that you love the most. I started out in the medical field over 20 yrs ago and I didn't complete my degree, I went into teaching instead. Believe you me I am now back doing it again, trying to finish what I started years ago. I didn't follow my heart. I loved teaching, but was never satisfied with my career. I was great at it, but deviated from my original plan. Teaching is rewarding, hard work, under paid almost like nursing, except you can advance into so many other areas in Nursing. You could even teach Nursing. Just think about it and don't make a haste decision. You have a lot vested in Nursing. Good luck with your decision