Should I re-follow up?

  1. The nurse recruiter basically said she have submitted my online application for review to the manager 3 days ago, and i should give the manager a couple of days, but until now I havent heard from the recruiter yet.. should I call and follow-up with her or should I wait? for how long should i wait if i have to? I dont want to seem uninterested with the job. PLease ADVISE!
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  3. by   choksantos
    Please I need your advise, I need to know what to do.
  4. by   Noelani
    I'd call the recruiter back and just politely say you're checking on the status of an application. But if it's only been 3 days, and she said to give the manager a couple of days, I'd personally give it another 2 days or so. It's great to seem eager but there's a fine line between eager and potentially annoying. Maybe try calling the recruiter on Monday morning.
  5. by   chloecatrn
    Do you have an e-mail address for the recruiter? E-mailing would allow the recruiter to get back to you at her leisure, rather than having to talk to you immediately when you call.

    I personally would give the unit manager a week before I felt the need to call again. Unit Managers, at least here, are often pulled into staffing or meetings and are not able to give things like resume review the attention they would like.

    Your recruiter knows you're interested. With the shortage of jobs these days, if you've submitted a resume, you're definitely interested.
  6. by   choksantos
    thanks guys, I'll wait a weak then.. I dont want to annoy anyone (specially not the manager and the recruiter.) if i want to get hired.