Rn On Probation Needs Career Advice, Hope

  1. I am an RN with 2 years experience. In my first year as a nurse, fresh off of orientation in the ICU stepdown (very high acuity), I made a mistake (no patient was harmed). I was terminated and investigated and placed on six months probation for practice outside scope of license. Foolishly, I didn't have an attorney and didn't know just how much this one mistake was going to change my life.
    I found new employment immediately after I was terminated, before I was investigated, before I even knew I would be investigated. I worked in the ICU at the new job for a year. My new employer didn't know about the previous termination. I found out I was to be placed on probation and that I needed to notify my employer. I panicked and quit, instead of telling my manager. I was worried that I would be terminated and have yet another termination reported to the state, (All terminations are reported to the state). I figured it would be better to find employment with all my cards laid on the table, up front. I know I should have been up front in the first place. Unfortunately, I let my fear and humiliation get the best of me and I didn't make the right choice.
    My problem now is that I am finding it impossible to find a job. I have applied to many places with no luck. I am allowed to work, there are no restrictions on my license. I must disclose the probation to any employer or potential employer.
    Has anyone reading this been on probation and found employment afterwards? Is there any hope? Are there any managers or recruiters reading this that have hired someone in my position? Is there anything I can do to make myself employable? I am a good nurse that made a bad decision. Are there any second chances in nursing?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Get malpractice. www.nso.com

    Try nursing homes. Seriously. They are often willing to overlook things like this in exchange for getting a, you know, nurse.

    And my fingers are crossed for you.
  4. by   ohmeowzer RN
    yes i would go to a nursing home.. i agree with sue... good luck in the future
  5. by   earthgirl56
    Try out patient clinics ,MD offices,
  6. by   tisia
    Just a note on trying nursing homes...in my state I have been told that since my license is on probation I will not be allowed to "work for the state" in any shape or form-yes nursing homes are included in this.
    Sorry, but I am still bitter from my probation experience and am having trouble finding a job as well after 20 years experience! I made a mistake and boy am I paying for it.