1. Okay so I am a high school senior and I am going into nursing next fall. I was planning to get into a direct admit BSN program, but haven't yet. I most likely will go to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Because of their competitive nursing school (UNMC), if I don't get in, my counselor told me to get my BSN in psychology and then apply for my RN after. I am confused because I thought you had to have your BSN before getting your RN?!?!?? Can someone help me understand this.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    There is no such thing as a BSN in psychology. Perhaps your counselor was advising to get a BS in psychology and then doing an accelerated second degree BSN program for people who already have Bachelors degrees. You are correct, you have to complete a nursing curriculum to be eligible to sit for boards. Have you looked into ASN programs at community colleges? That can also be a viable avenue to RN, and you can do an RN to BSN bridge later. Some areas don't have great hiring prospects for ASN-prepared RNs vs. their BSN-prepared counterparts, so that is worth investigating where you desire to live and work. Good luck!
  4. by   mmanzella18
    If you get a BSN you can then qualify to take the NCLEX (the board exam for nurses) which will provide you with your license and therefore makes you an RN. That is why it is called BSN-RN

    Ive never heard of a BSN in psychology? A BSN stands for bachelors of science in nursing. I would say go for your BSN, take the NCLEX and go work as a nurse!
  5. by   anewsns
    Um yea I think you may have meant BS in psychology? But yes you have to have your ASN or BSN to get your RN. Nowadays a lot of us are getting our ASN first (2 years) and passing NCLEX then finishing our BSN later, which is mostly to get more opportunities in nursing. These programs can be competitive at times too. You may need to start taking prereqs while waiting to get into nursing school.
  6. by   FLRN2006
    RN refers to the license and ADN, ASN or BSN to the degree. You need to have a degree prior sitting to take the NCLEX and obtain a license as an RN.