1. Hi fellow Nurses!
    What is your advice to a Nurse who had a tragic event in a unit and refusing to get floated to that same unit.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    That the nurse is probably going against established policy by refusing to float and could get terminated. "Tragic events" happen every day in healthcare, and we carry on with our work. Why is this situation different?
  4. by   Mavrick
    Waaay not enough information to make anything but a guess.

    Some nurse is trying to find an excuse not to go back to a unit she doesn't want to float to from strangers on the internet who really don't know what they are talking about.

    Just my guess, though.
  5. by   llg
    It depends on the details of the situation ... the nature of the tragic event, etc.

    For example: If you were working on that unit previously and were viciously attacked, injured, etc. ... then a hospital might well be understanding about you not wanting to go back there. However, if your "tragic event" is that your grandpa died a peaceful death there as a patient 10 years ago (managed well by the staff), then refusing to go there would probably not be considered a reasonable request.